World Photography Day

The term “Photography” goes hand-in-hand with ‘camera’ and ‘pictures’. Photography is actually an artistic form of work which demonstrates clicking pictures of any objects, place or thing with details. Capturing a picture is not as easy as it seems, being a good photographer is really a task as one has to keep in mind theContinue reading “World Photography Day”

National Handloom Day

Handloom is a type of Loom which is made manually, without the use of electricity. The products woven out of Handloom are especially known as Khadi. Handlooms are our country’s own property. It is a man-made process done using a spin wheel which was originally started by Mohandas Karam Chand Gandhi i.e., our beloved Bapuji.Continue reading “National Handloom Day”

National Youth Day

United Nations celebrates International Youth Day as on 12th August every year. Youth – this term signifies the blooming faces, ongoing adolescence who are capable for bringing a change for any particular country. A country is actually based on the power of the Youth. It has been said that, if you can educate the youthContinue reading “National Youth Day”

Domestic role of the Husbands

Gender Equality – A much relatable term these days. Gender Equality signifies that all men and women are equal, having the same duties towards the society, in no way one is superior than the other and is equal in all other aspects. This is the literal definition for Gender Equality. Earlier, girls had absolutely noContinue reading “Domestic role of the Husbands”

Controlling Parents – A serious threat.

Parents are the role mode for any child, his primary support system. A parent is a person who guides his/her child and teaches him to be better in life. While a child faces any problems or difficulties in his life he deliberately runs to the parents for utmost care and love. Parents are the oneContinue reading “Controlling Parents – A serious threat.”

Harry potter – A must read

Harry Potter is a story of a young wizard who fought against the Dark Lord, Voldemort and defeated hs penned down by J.K Rowling. As we are growing up, we are accustomed with choosing to watch series over going through the main Novel. The Novel depicts the characters Harry Potter, Hermione Granger and Ron WealseyContinue reading “Harry potter – A must read”

One Plus Nord : An Affordable Premium

Nowadays, we all are obsessed with Smartphones. We cannot imagine a life without it, that is for sure. Due to the Pandemic situation for Corona Virus, i.e., Covid 19, we all are stuck at our homes. As for most of us, we are participating in Group meetings, Virtual Classes, Work from Home or just forContinue reading “One Plus Nord : An Affordable Premium”

Happy Raksha Bandhan

Raksha Bandhan is celebrated as on the full moon Hindu month of Shravana ( Shravana Purnima ) or around July or August every year. This day is celebrated to mark the bond between brothers and sisters. The Expression “Raksha Bandhan” in Sanskrit literally means the bond of ‘Protection, Obligation or Care”. The Sister ties aContinue reading “Happy Raksha Bandhan”

Improving Communication Skills

Communication is the core of a Personality. Having a good communication skill can change your life instantly. What makes us actually attractive and impressive, is our Communication Skill. We say, “First impression is the last impression”. How can you even make a proper impact without proper communication skills? The trick to make a person listenContinue reading “Improving Communication Skills”