In today’s world everyone wants to be successful but what is a success. The perspective of success varies from person to person. For the record, the people before us have a different view on success and the person after us will have a different view on success. Moreover, people compare […]

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Your work is your definition

Vaishali Singh (Cheenu Singh Rathore) Your work is your identity, your work is everything. I want to tell you that, your work ethics, the way you work is everything, a person is only identified by his or her actions, the things he or she has done, the values he or […]

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Photography as a career

Vaishali Singh Photography is one of the major things of everyone’s life today, All of us want to freeze the moments we live day to day in a photograph, the new developing technology has made it very easier for people to document their lives easily through photographs and videos and […]

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