Glory or Suffering?

WAR is the fight or conflict between two countries ,religion ,caste ,greed ,power the list goes on
and on .The word WAR itself says the fight to get something or which can not be obtained by
normal means . In the 21st century the war is for water ,food and jammu kashmir.
I will elaborate the war which is normalised in society with the help of the past example of
American civil war. Everyone is little bit familiar with what is american civil war .The civil war is
the central event recorded in the american history .The revolution of 1776-1783 created the
United States civil war of 1861-1865 which will determine what kind of nation it would be. The
civil war was fought between northern united states and southern united states .The primary
reason for the war was long standing controversy over the enslavement of black people .The
main reason was the colour (black and white)which lead to the biggest in the american history.
War broke out in april 1861 when the american forces attacked fort sumter in south carolina
shortly after Abraham lincoin had inaugurated as the new president of the United states.
There was a great loss of about 620,000to 750,000 lives which is more than a u.s.military
deaths in all other wars .So the war leads the great loss to the environment ,family,extreme
destruction to the material and lives of the people.This is not only one war there had been lot of
wars for other reason also as which had took place in past as INDO PAKISTHAN WAR, SINO
If we go for the overview of all the war fought it shows that either the war was for land
,empire,money,strength,or revenge.War is not only between the two parties it is between the
societies ,it’s between the mentality. War is evil but not all the time as for example in speaking
about the war as the conflict of interest in certain situation war is necessary which turns out into
a thing to be proud of as the attack of indian force over the pakistan in november 2018 where
74 terrorist were killed by the Indian para commando ,yes it was a revenge of india but its good
in the sense that they entered in their land and destroyed the whole terrorist cell of about the
whole village it was all under the president’s order and all came back safely and had dinner
with the president that shows the strength and power id Indian army and forces to their enemies
.If i go with the socio economical sense point of view which states that war is motive power of
progress and effective method of keeping the situation stable.
Entering into the question of why it is normalised nowadays as ,recalling the past history we
come to this conclusion that when any country or the normal person has raised their voice
leading to war they have got it . So war is the best medium to get thing done or to take
something forcefully by the mean of shedding blood , money and great loss to the environment .

Trends in fashion among youth

Every individual on the planet is engulfed with fashion fad . In today’s world clothes the outer
look, defines the man status in the society . Fashion world has undergone many notable
changes with change of time . It is really hard to coping up with such furiously changing trends
and styles . Every fashion houses bring up their lines in each season with wide variety of styles ,
trends , colors , themes and patterns . although it is tough to copy up with changes but some
time it allows one to add all fresh and new fun to the wardrobe .
Fashion is a tyrant; no tyrant is greater than that of fashion. Everyone tries to imitate the latest
fashion trends . The youth specially are mad after this . Youth does not mind any expenditure to
be made in fashion . They must have their clothes cut according to the latest vogue;their hair
made up according to the latest style, even if these places a heavy burden on their parents .
Today youth knows that this particular fashion will soon pass ;than also they spend lots of
money over it . Costly articles of dress are often discarded,only because the fashion has passed
away. Educated girls are more mad behind the fashion ,dresses, cosmetics,hair
styles,makeup,footwear,jewelry,ornaments etc.
When it comes on the different cultures ,how youth is mad on the fashion trends now days.
Many different cultures have lot of different fashion styles, ways and senses. Every fashion
trends experiences different variations and changes.( English culture) Every body is aware of the
elegant style of English men and women. Heavy dress and complex suits are out of fashion now
days. But it does not stop English fashion incorporating some of the traditional pieces into
their every day wardrobe. Man still wears suits or add some classic touch such as vintage
cuff links or blower hats. Accessories are very important to women ,too much that it is not
surprising to see any women wearing stable jewelry, reminiscent of old times. This is all about
the common man and women but when it comes on the youth ,we can see sporty roll looks
females with high heck look top ,ripped jeans and stylish heels.
Whereas,the Indian culture,the inspiration of fashion world is Indian culture . It is the role
model of fashion world . Beautiful colors, fabric ,and their flowery texture became extremely
popular and Indian designers has outdone themselves in this matter.The colorful Indian sarees
started to represent some of the Indian re flexion as an art . The quality and fabric used in the
clothes is very fine and elegant . Indian culture is known for its jewelries and their perfection in
their work of art which gives the clear view of India . Youth of India is in trap of different cultures
as it wears western dresses and make Indian dresses more of it stylish and attractive . The glow
of Indian culture is increasing with more additional ways and looks , design etc.
The fashion trends in youth is getting more and more as they them selves make their own
design as cutting their jeans into shorts and normal jeans into ripped jeans .


“Separation from the wife, disgrace from one’s own people, an enemy saved in battle,
service to a wicked king, poverty, and a mismanaged assembly these six kinds of evils, if
afflicting a person, burn him even without fire.”—Chanakya.
Since the Dawn of humanity war has been an integral part in the lives of people. War simply
shows the greedy nature of human beings. The hunger for power, for richness overrules
morality. People are ready to kill each other for some metaphorical gain. Earlier the
common people used to fight wars for their survival and protection against unknown
communities. As time passed there arisen a separate segment of people designated just for
war. The soldiers. These people have been named different things such as Kshatriya or
Vikings or Roman fighters. They were glorified because they could kill and die.
But why did war originate in first place? In earlier times getting resources were not that
easy so people had to move around in search of resources.
Professor Hanson says, “Ultimately, war is a question of economics, in which the options of
all states are confined by their ability to produce goods and services; thus, every armed
force calibrates the greatest military power for the least cost. Armies in the Dark Ages and
medieval era, like their classical predecessors, were not immune from such constraints, and
so learned quickly that man for man, infantry could be provided for at a tenth of the
expense of mounted troops.” Victor Davis Hanson, Carnage and Culture at p.213 (Anchor
(New York, 2001).
That caused wars but nowadays when we are capable of supplying resources to every part
of the world and still survive, we still fight wars. From necessity War has become an egoistic
game for the ruling people. the kings used to fight wars to consider themselves more
powerful and now governments fight wars for display of power. And somehow, we as a
society have accepted these things. Majority of the people today support war and feel that
their country should fight was against the countries to show that they are powerful. very
often we can see people in India speaking that we should wage a war against Pakistan.
This is because most of the people don’t have active participation in war since they don’t
have to be on ground zero, they don’t get the situations that are there on battlefield. A
soldier dies protecting people He doesn’t even know for a idea called country. Dying in war
is glorified, people dying in words are called Martyrs. But what will be there as long as there
is difference between humans as long as there are different communities as long as there
are different types of people because difference always creates conflict. With the
advancement in technology people are coming together more than ever. And the gap
between communities are slowly getting narrow down I believe they will soon come a time
when what is no longer necessary and humanity will come as a whole to solve the new
enemies of humanity that day is a day which we should look forward to.


The documentry is all about manual scavenging, which refers to the practice of manually
cleaning, carrying, disposing or handling in any manner, human excreta from dry latrines
and sewers. The people mostly involve here are from similar caste or basically lower caste
who don’t have any income source are engaged in such activity so that they can earn their
living the serve the family. Constitution of India has banned cleaning manual scavenging
,but it has several loopholes government has mostly outsourced the work to contractors
who give minimum wages and there is lesser job security and hygiene related to work
which is most important factor. Although the government has invested crores of ruppes
for toilets and sewer cleaning but the work given to contractors are not performed well ,
workers are given gloves and masks, but the quality of those products is so bad that they
get rashes, itches and affect their skin and health . there has been many of the cases where
the people involved in such work ( sewer cleaning) are affected by severe diseases which
causes death at last and government takes not responsibility for this . These deaths if
shown on TV are termed as Accident, Slipped and Fell and some were as ridiculous as a
person’s phone fell so he jumped in. No accountability of government or contractors. It is
shown that Government has promised to provide 10 Lakhs to the family of the deceased
worker. Even this amount is not a substitute for human life. There are Dalit Communities
that take a fee or commission out of it as a form of funding the Dalit Revolution.
Government will rather spend 10 Lakhs to give the dead instead of paying for equipment
or tools to make the work less hazardarous. Documentary has 27 cases of men who died
in cleaning privates and public enterprises the report says more then 1,370 people have
died in sewer holes in last four year .
As Individuals, we should realise we are equally guilty and responsible:
 Never throw tampons, condoms and plastic in the drainage. They frequently stall
the drainage.
 Throw garbage only inside dustbin. Never in the street, septic tank or outside the
 Ensure your garbage to be thrown in dustbin is in a proper bag, doesn’t contain
glass, and human excreta.
 Do Not use the Train toilets while the train is halted in a station.
 If you come across any manual scavenger, at the very least check if he is wearing
protective gloves and other equipments.
 If the person isn’t wearing anything for safety, consider intervening and asking the
contractor. If he doesn’t comply, you may take a video and report to police.
 First and Foremost: The Government has to invest in buying machinery which can
clean ditches, septic tanks. Incase such a device is Not fully available, import them
or invest in engineers and startup to build.
 Ensure usable and quality protective gears are provided to sanitation workers.
 Provide Immunization for workers.
 Increase minimum wage of sanitation workers.
 Implementing rehabilitation schemes (law is already there) for transitioning manual
scavengers to other work.
 Implementing schemes (law is already there) for education to children of manual
scavengers to finish schools. Enable more people to get benefit of reservation and
come up

All divided

The policy of reservation has become very much biased now, but at the time is was
implemented it was good for SC/ST generation, for promotion and upliftment of their
generation, but afterward it was like it affected the general caste category so badly that people
till now create difference among themselves. We would have left the mindset of caste system
so long bhut because of these reservations that people have, if we talk little amount of
reservation that everyone think that there is some biased-ness’ prevails. When reservation
policy was implemented it was for upliftment for 10-15-year policy but now it is used as a
vote bank policy and being used to play politics so get the advantages of SC/ST and OBC
advantage. It differently was a fraudulent act by the politician and created Outrageous for
creamy layer the general category people in term of job and education sector because not all
general caste people are rich they also need to have equal opportunities in order to compete
with other people.

World Photography Day

The term “Photography” goes hand-in-hand with ‘camera’ and ‘pictures’. Photography is actually an artistic form of work which demonstrates clicking pictures of any objects, place or thing with details. Capturing a picture is not as easy as it seems, being a good photographer is really a task as one has to keep in mind the angles, focus, light etc. Several cameras and phones support a good quality of photography i.e., a person who clicks pictures, August 19, every year is celebrated as the World Photography Day to cherish the custom of Photography as to cherish the craft and uniqueness around each and every photographs. Earlier, taking aa photograph was considered as a bigger issue as it was expensive. Photography was not a matter of Entertainment those days, it was made to hold the moment forever at look at it again and again in the long run. Not many people had so much access to it as the availability of cameras or smart phones were of a luxury those times. Most of the common people were not in a position to afford them. The concept of Photography was of Black and White format, and no shades of colors were being used. The first picture was taken by French inventor Joseph Nicephore Nicepe in 1826, 1827, taking a click of the view outside Window in Burgundy. Later on, The Concept of Photography evolved and after generations we are clicking pictures on ever possible minutes, frequently too. After colored photos came into being, we saw the ‘portraits’ and ‘landscapes’ formats of Photography. “Portrait” is taking human photograph, and “Landscape denotes scenery. It is a must for all of us to capture the beautiful mountain or sea when we go out for a journey, just to reminiscence regarding it, later on. Photographs are till only still memories of a person. We often scroll down the gallery of our smartphones to look at the picture to recollect the moments we have shared with our family, friends o the close ones. Pictures are reflections of us other than the mirrors. The images remind us of all the good nostalgia and gives us positive vibes. People take up Photography as a hobby as well, like they want to go on with this activity during free times which gives them the feelings of immense pride and satisfaction. We have renowned photographers across the world who are expert in clicking pictures of models and eminent celebrities. Also, some take up photography professionally, as a source of income. We actually love to click selfies, as a part of the latest trends for the popularity of social media, as we just want to upload them on these platforms, just to show a glimpse of our lifestyle and share them with our friends. Many bloggers who take pictures of their crafts to showcase their talent on social media platforms, making their job a lot more easier. “Practice makes a man perfect”, the more a person clicks nice pictures, the more he develops himself. We can tell a lot more about any person, by looking at the body language he represents in the pictures. There are several courses out there for a person too know this skill or learn more about Photography, if he wants to take that up later on as his profession. Newspapers have Photography as a very important part of their work, to let the readers know about an incident, showing the pictures helps anyone to understand the level of occurrence, of an incident. Pictures reveals a lot more than what we say or do. Pictures are a proof of everything real, as the Detectives or Police officers tend to keep pictures or use pictures for interrogation. Photography needs editing as well, which is also a different skill, and serves as a profession or hobby as well for many. Editing is basically much related o photography, as editing is done to make the photo look prominent removing any errors. Nowadays, many pictures can even be edited and made use of wrongfully, making it a criminal offence.

The Voting…

Vote is the formal expression of the choice or opinion of a person. The voting is process to choose the a person in an election. Voting system
is set of rules or law that governs the conduct of the election. As human
need oxygen to survive likewise voting is necessary to existence of the
Democracy. Democracy has given people a powerful right- that is to VOTE. Voting is the fundamental basis of democracy’s ‘Of the people, for the people, and by the people’ Therefore, rather than enjoying it as a holiday, one must vote if he truly wants to contribute to the nation-building process and bring about a change. A Citizen should actually not need to find any reason to Vote. It must be done as a compulsive duty although there is no legal obligation to vote. In India the Voting is a Constitutional right if one is a citizen over 18 years of age.  In India National Voters Day is celebrated on 25th day of January every year to spread awareness and to  To ensure that new voter or the 18+ who gets registered, finds a way to understand that ‘voting is an important responsibility, and at certain point of time, they have to go to vote.

  • It induces the Sense of Empowerment: Through voting, people have a sense of ‘ownership of government’.
  • To make government more responsible and accountable: Indian voters have brought revolutionary changes, in that regard, through voting e.g. in 1967, when Congress Government was not working as per the aspirations of the people, people brought the Congress Government to very thin majority at the center and almost half of the State Governments were given to non-congress parties.
  • By voting, people can decide the direction of change and development.

The Voting system widely classified into two categories ie. Plurality System and the Proportional Representative system. Plurality or Majoritarian System in which party win directly by getting only higher proportion of the seats than the proportion of vote they got in election. This increases the chances of a single party to gain parliamentary
majority. In Proportional System which guarantees an equal relationship between seat won by party and the votes gained in election. So there is low probability to making government of a single party, generally it has multi-party or the coalition government.

Even now, we have to more contribute towards the improvements in the Voting pattern because the Voting Percentage is not up to mark. These can be overcome by following ideas

  • Some challenges like financing of elections, unfair use of social media in elections and proxy voting for NRIs are yet to be addressed.
  • Something should be done to facilitate inter-migrants to vote in the place, where they are living.
  • Political class and ECI need to come together to find the ways and means to decriminalize the elections. Entry of the criminals into politics should be taken in more serious manner.
  • Examining the relevance of alternative kind of methods like Proportional Representation System in Indian Elections.
  • Electoral Reforms should be introduced to handle coalitions.

At last I request you to please vote for nation buildings and for strength of democratic values.


National Handloom Day

Handloom is a type of Loom which is made manually, without the use of electricity. The products woven out of Handloom are especially known as Khadi. Handlooms are our country’s own property. It is a man-made process done using a spin wheel which was originally started by Mohandas Karam Chand Gandhi i.e., our beloved Bapuji. At the time of Civil Disobedience Movement, before India gained Independence, Bapuji wanted to flourish something very Indian, hence he gave this idea of spinning handlooms and so Indians strongly opposed to foreign goods. Hence, centuries later on Handloom industries came into being, providing several options like Textiles, Clothing, Handloom Decorative e t c. August 7th is the official National Handloom Day, the Concept was launched by the Prime Minister of India on 2015, and celebrated to inspire the wavers and workers to support their hard-work and creativity. This was done also to let everyone know about the exceptional talents we have around the Nation. Handloom is widely accepted and loved all over the world, leading to a lot of Exports. Thus, it is beneficiary for India. Handloom Industries are basically run by the Weavers and Workers who crafts the Handloom materials into proper outcome. The Legacy of Handlooms is to be continued for generations. Bapuji forecasted that we shall not take inspirations from foreign every time, but instead do something of our home. Handloom as an industry is tremendously popular inn village areas, as of the most families contribute to country by spinning Handlooms and selling them into markets. Though expensive, Handloom products ensures excellent qualities. A huge sections of village workers earns their livelihood through these Handloom industries. Not just the men, but the women also get to work for these Industries, so Handloom Industries serves as an employment for both men and women. Handloom industries are preferred by all those who wants something extraordinary yet unique and original. Over 4.3 million people are some way or the other engaged into Handloom Productions. Handloom industries are popular especially in the rural areas as not many people get access to proper education due to low rate of literacy, hence most of them prefers to work from an early age, to sustain their regular needs. The raw materials are initially process and made use of properly, before taking the work of production any further, then the Infrastructure comes which is basically the use of products or machinery or the hand-work. The better the infrastructure and working conditions, better will be the productions. Then the theory of wages comes which means the amount of salary provided to those who contribute to the successful making of Handloom items. It must be ensured that these people gets maximum benefits from productions. The next concept is of the budget which is the exact sum of expenditure which consists of all the money need for procurement at least the minimal budget should be stated. The next step is the Patent, which signifies who shall own and have authority over the outputs been made. This is the second largest employment provided for the rural populations. Exclusively, these markets tend to infuse modern design, creating a trend. This process is much loved by the youth, because of its texture or class. Handloom industries promotes diversity and prosperity of Indians. This industry is particularly known for its distinctiveness. According to the Integrated handloom Development Scheme, The Government of India has introduced a new scheme IHDS. here, following Four components are included with assistance will be provided to Handloom Coop. Society, APEX body and Corporations.

1) Clusters, having Handlooms in the range of 300-500 per cluster.

2) Group approach for development of Handlooms.

3) Assistance to Handloom organizations

a) Marketing incentive b) Strengthening of Handloom Organizations.

4) Others like innovative ideas and publicity, Monitoring, Supervision, Training and Evolution of the Scheme.

Bayern Munich v Barcelona: A Thriller on the Cards

The race for the Champions league title is heating up and upcoming week will see two of the giants of European football clash with each other. Yes, the quarter finals of this season’s champions league would see Barcelona face off against German champions Bayern Munich. Bayern Munich thrashed another London club, this time Chelsea in the Round of 16. Barcelona easily came past a determined Napoli side and booked their place in the quarter finals of the tournament. Now, it would be safe to say that this quarterfinal should be the game of the season considering the lineups of the two top class clubs. With both Robert Lewandoski and Lionel Messi in top form and both scoring in the round of 16 games. This game will be a treat to watch for all football fans.

Now, with these two teams in top form, the thing is who will qualify for the semis of the elite tournament. With this season’s Champions League slightly changed due to the Covid19 pandemic, the tournament is open for all with many upsets already happening in the tournament. With this year’s Spanish champions Real Madrid already out of the tournament and with Cristiano’s Juventus also bowing out in the Round of 16, the tournament is bound to give many more surprises. With all the matches post round of 16 matches to be played without any 2nd legs, upsets will be on the cards for all to see. With Barcelona relying too much on their talisman Lionel Messi, Barcelona could end up losing to a determined Bayern Munich who could clinch the treble this season. And when talking about Bayern, how can’t we not talk about the scoring machine Robert Lewandoski. The striker has scored an unbelievable 50+ goals this season and if Ballondor had been given this year also, no doubt that Lewandoski would have won it hands down.

I feel that Bayern Munich have a great chance to overcome Barcelona and go into the semifinals. But with no 2nd leg, Barcelona have an equal chance of winning the game against Bayern Munich. But for that, Barcelona need all their players to perform well on that particular day, knowing that they would not get any second chance this time because of the altered Champions League tournament due to the pandemic. Players need to make sure that they support their talismanic captain fully so that he doesn’t alone has to do all the things on the football pitch and in that pressure his game could also suffer. Players like Suarez, Pique need to step up big time when they face Bayern Munich in the quarterfinals.

In the end, I would like to say that the tournament is fully open and many surprises are still left to be seen. So, nobody to rule out, this match is going to be a thriller of a contest.