National Youth Day

United Nations celebrates International Youth Day as on 12th August every year. Youth – this term signifies the blooming faces, ongoing adolescence who are capable for bringing a change for any particular country. A country is actually based on the power of the Youth. It has been said that, if you can educate the youthContinue reading “National Youth Day”


Around 150,000 to 200,000 women during the Second World War were coerced, abducted and forced into being sex slaves for the Imperial Japanese Army. These women were lured in with promises of nurse jobs, waitresses, to work in an office or to work as an entertainer but there taken to military bases and kept inContinue reading “FORGOTTEN VICTIMS……..COMFORT WOMEN”


Recently America and Australia have rejected most of china’s claim over the South China Sea as well are its territorial claims over certain islands. So what is this dispute about? The South China Sea is a marginal sea from Karinata and Malacca Straits to the Strait of Taiwan. The sea is the south of China,Continue reading “SOUTH CHINA SEA DISPUTE”

Coronavirus Family vs Humans

Corona virus or Covid 19 has conferred all of us at homes. Words such as ‘Lockdown’, Shutdown’, ‘Isolation’ we have cam across in History Books, is a harsh reality for the world today indeed. Corona Virus has created a havoc worldwide, Especially for the old aged community of people. It is not allowed to shakeContinue reading “Coronavirus Family vs Humans”


Nutrition plays an important role in determining a person’s health. Foundation of a good life is laid down in childhood where the food we eat plays an important role. Proper nutrition sets us up a good immune system and proper growth in us. This is the ideal condition but not the reality in most partsContinue reading “MALNUTRITION IN INDIA”


Aruna Shanbaug died on 18th May 2015 after spending 42 years in a persistent vegetative state in KEM hospital. She was brutally assaulted, sodomized and choked with a dog chain which cut of oxygen supply to her brain thus putting her in a persistent vegetative state. She was the women who prompted India’s discussion onContinue reading “EUTHANASIA IN INDIA”


We all have heard about the Rafale jet controversy, but not so much about the jet itself.We all have heard about the controversy regarding Rafale jets. But what are these jets? The fighter jets are developed by the French aviation company Dassault aviation. They are twin-engine, canard delta wing and multi-role fighter jets. To aContinue reading “THE RAFALE JET AND ITS CONTROVERSY”

Domestic Violence

Firstly, we have to understand that Parents are not Gods, they are also human beings, we all are flawed in various aspects. Just because the fact that they are “parents” or “older than us”, does not justify everything. It is wrong on their parts as well if they go violent on one another. Maturity dependsContinue reading “Domestic Violence”

Facing the Future: Lessons to be Learnt From the Pandemic

“The outbreak of novel coronavirus pneumonia will inevitably have a relatively big impact on the economy and society … For us, this is a crisis and is also a big test.” With the whole Coronavirus pandemic engulfing the whole world in its clutches, there’s a thing or two humanity had to learn the hard way.Continue reading “Facing the Future: Lessons to be Learnt From the Pandemic”