Law and Order

News for determining guilt or innocence, while lives hang in the balance. Often inspired by the latest headlines, the plots highlight legal, ethical or personal dilemmas to which people can relate.

A Contentious call

Widespread chaos have been witnessed on the borders of the national capital since 26 November as a retaliation that came with the recently passed Farm Bills. The farmers of Punjab and Haryana are protesting against two Farm Bills passed by Rajya Sabha. The Farmer’s Produce Trade and Commerce (Promotion and […]

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Today, homosexuality and queer identities may happen to be acceptable to wider Indian youths than ever before, but in the confines of family, home, and school, recognition of their sexuality […]

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Campus Politics

Politics is both a study and skill as to how power is exercised and by whom, through the administration of power, to manage people’s affairs. Politics is integral part of […]

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Should we fear the Moral Police

Freedom is being You without anyone’s permission Anonymous Moral police is an umbrella category of vigilante groups which act to enforce a code of morality in India. Some of India’s laws, and some actions of police forces in India are also considered to be instances of moral policing.The target of moral policing is any activity that vigilante […]

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