Herzing Helps Turn Impossible into “I’m Possible”

For over fifty years, Herzing University has committed to helping people overcome challenges in their pursuit of a better life. Founded by my parents Henry and Suzanne Herzing in 1965 as a family-held institution, Herzing has always been dedicated to providing a supportive educational environment that enables students to reach their personal and professional potential.Continue reading “Herzing Helps Turn Impossible into “I’m Possible””

Transitioning Military Medics to Rewarding Careers in Nursing

Most people would assume that veterans who have served our country would get credit – by employers and by educational institutions – for the remarkable training they’ve received in the military. However, most educational institutions don’t take into account military medics’ credentials when they try to continue their education after serving our country. Few programsContinue reading “Transitioning Military Medics to Rewarding Careers in Nursing”

Track2Training for Internship

Training and Internships are really important because trainings and internships helps one individual make him career more successful also makes the individual more relevant skilled and also better than the individuals who did not do an internship or had a training.Training presents a prime opportunity to expand the knowledge base of all employees, but manyContinue reading “Track2Training for Internship”

Person Suffering From Covid-19 Cannot Be Expected To Produce Proof

In a big respite for Covid-19 patients which has ostensibly given them a good and genuine reason to smile is the recent, remarkable and righteous decision delivered by the Bombay High Court just recently on June 26, 2020 in Abdul Shoeb Shaikh and Ors. Vs. K.J. Somaiya Hospital and Research Center and Ors. in WP-LD-VCContinue reading “Person Suffering From Covid-19 Cannot Be Expected To Produce Proof”

Hariyali NGO

Hariyali is a Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) that play a significant role in today’s society. Non-governmental organisations (NGOs) play a significant role in today’s society, typically picking up the government’s deficits in services and social protection for citizens via the philanthropy of donors and the socially awareNGOs general aim is to alleviate poverty through activities thatContinue reading “Hariyali NGO”

Don’t Flop on These 4 Easy Interview Questions

Your answers to four basic interview questions could make or break your chances of landing your dream job. Read on and learn how to flip your next interview from “flop” to “nailed it.” 1) Can you tell me a little about yourself? Flop: “Well, I grew up in this city and have lived here my wholeContinue reading “Don’t Flop on These 4 Easy Interview Questions”

Eduindex News

Eduindex News is an Educational News platform for sharing campus news and academic news. Newspaper is almost the first thing that greets you in the morning. If one knows how to read and write, then one should definitely read at least one newspaper everyday. Newspaper reading is a good habit. People who frequently read newspapers are more likelyContinue reading “Eduindex News”

4 Ways to Maximize Your Transfer Credit

You can save time and money when you apply what you already know to your college education. Makes sense, right? The truth is that many students underestimate the value of their own life experience and prior knowledge as they consider their degree program. More students are entering college with a wealth of relevant skills alreadyContinue reading “4 Ways to Maximize Your Transfer Credit”

Student Wins Big at National Leadership Conference

Students from the state of Wisconsin made quite a showing at this year’s Phi Beta Lambda National Leadership Conference in Chicago, but none more so than Herzing’s own Daniel Pulliam, who won first place in the category of project management. Out of the 18 Wisconsin students who attended, representing schools such as University of Wisconsin-OshkoshContinue reading “Student Wins Big at National Leadership Conference”