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AI and ADs!

Summarizing Artificial Intelligence – If you ask 50 various professionals what artificial intelligence is, you’ll possibly get 50 different opinions. But one simple definition comes from Demis Hassabis, CEO of […]

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Reinfection to COVID!

A fifty-year-old patient was tested positive at the beginning of July with mild symptoms of cough and sore throat. Three months after the previous infection he experienced many harsh symptoms including high fever, shortness of breath, and hypoxia. Two patients in New Jersey, for instance, appear to have contracted Covid-19 […]

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Heading for INTERVIEWS!

Many of us come up with a situation when we are uneasy or nervous before facing an interview. Considering an interview round as just an interaction strategy makes it much easier rather than considering it as a test session. However, the job interview generally comes before the hiring decision.  The […]

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How far lockdown extension will implicate the Educational system?

Both schools and colleges are facing a tremendous loss of learning. As that of the recent situation, summer vacations are going on and the HRD ministry is formulating another alternative calendar for the coming months in case the situation doesn’t improve. Online classes as an alternative! The educational system decided […]

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Being healthy even during the lockdown is as crucial as breathing. Staying miles away from obesity with a healthy mind is the main goal of fitness freaks. Active participation in […]

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Definitely, some may find horror movies as senseless but some may find it fascinating. It depends from person to person and the storyline of the movie. Watching horror movies with […]

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She belonged to a  poor rural family in Uttar Pradesh and was married at a very young age of 11 years with Puttilal Mallah. He was three times older to her, she tolerated endless beatings and sexual abuse by her husband. When the situation became intolerable, after several attempts she […]

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Why Productivity matters?

Before knowing the need for productivity, let’s come to know what productivity actually means. The meaning of this crucial word may differ from person to person. For some, it may […]

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Mental health is being understood as one of the primary areas in health protocols around the world and has also been included in the Sustainable Development Goals. Mental Disorders are […]

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