Emergency Provisions

The provisions related to emergency are given in Part XVIII of the Indian Constitution. Article 352 to Article 360 deals with the emergency provisions. An emergency is imposed in the country or a state when law and order go out of control. To prevent the country’s unity, sovereignty, and brotherhood, an emergency may be imposedContinue reading “Emergency Provisions”

Interpretation of Statutes: Need and Importance

The term ‘Interpretation’ is derived from Latin term ‘interpretari’ which means to explain or to understand or translate. Interpretation is a process through which one ascertains the true and correct intention of the law making bodies as is laid in the form of statutes. As the administration of justice is conducted by the judges in accordance withContinue reading “Interpretation of Statutes: Need and Importance”


What is Mediation? Ans. Mediation is used as a form of dispute resolution, known as Alternative Dispute Resolution. In mediation legal disputes are resolved between two or more parties where a neutral third person negotiates and settles the case outside the court of law. Mediation is thus, referred to as a party-centred process that emphasizesContinue reading “Mediation”

Quashing of F.I.R

The expression, first information report is not defined in the code of criminal procedure 1973, but these words are always understood to mean, information recorded under Section 154(1) of the Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973. It is the information given to the essential officer-in-charge of the police station in the form of compliant or accusation regarding theContinue reading “Quashing of F.I.R”

New Education Policy 2020

Constitutional Provisions:Part IV of Indian Constitution, Article 45 and Article 39 (f) of Directive Principles of State Policy (DPSP), has a provision for state-funded as well as equitable and accessible education. The 42nd Amendment to the Constitution in 1976 moved education from the State to the Concurrent List. The education policies by the Central government provides a broad direction and state governments areContinue reading “New Education Policy 2020”

Due Diligence

It is the process by which confidential legal, financial and other material information is exchanged, received and appraised by a parties to a business transaction, which is done prior to the transaction Due diligence is an analysis and risk assessment of an impending business transactions. It is careful and methodological investigation of a business orContinue reading “Due Diligence”

What is to be done when the Cheque is bounced?

Cheque is an instrument to transfer the money from one person to another. Cheque is safe and secure. To promote cheques and people should trust the simple mechanism of cheque and many people should use it effectively without any doubt in their mind so the Government in the year 1988 have introduced a chapter inContinue reading “What is to be done when the Cheque is bounced?”

Mutual Divorce as per Hindu Marriage Act, 1955

Divorce is a very serious issue. Nowadays, the seriousness is vanished the couple find it very easy to end up a relationship without thinking twice about the decision. Some Couple knows it all about the consequences they could suffer later on but apart from it they decide to end up the marriage rather than sittingContinue reading “Mutual Divorce as per Hindu Marriage Act, 1955”