Prime Minister addresses concerns over MSP and Contract farming; Cautions against false propaganda

The Prime Minister assured that the intention of the government is as holy as the river of Maa Ganga and Maa Narmada. He said, the government has stopped black marketing of urea. Prime Minister Modi said that the opposition parties are spreading the illusion that the MSP system will end. He said, there is no greater lie than this.

Prime Minister Modi said that the second big lie is that the mandis will end. He assured that no agricultural produce market of the country will be closed and in fact they are going to spend more than 500 crore rupees on their modernization. He said, the Farming Agreement Act they have enacted provides protection to farmers.

The Prime Minister clarified that the new law has given freedom to farmers to sell in the mandi or outside. He said in contract farming, only crops or produce are transacted but the land remains with the farmer, the agreement has nothing to do with the land. Even if a natural disaster strikes, the farmer gets full money. The Prime Minister said, the new law has ensured a share of windfall profits to the farmers.

On this occasion, Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan also inaugurated agricultural infrastructure works worth more than 70 crore rupees. Kisan Credit Cards were also distributed to two thousand fishermen and livestock farmers. The Chief Minister said that all the farmers of Madhya Pradesh are with Prime Minister Narendra Modi and congratulated and thanked him for implementing the new agricultural laws.

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