Television plays a very important role in human’s life. It is one of the main and the common source of entertainment. TNS consultancy report says that mostly people stay loyal to television every day. Television is considered as a main source of entertainment because it contains variety of channels related to news, music, sports, entertainment, movies, multilingual, bhakti, informational, cartoon, reality shows and many more. So, it’s suitable for every age group whether a child, youngster or an adult. Anyone can watch it according to their preference from anywhere.

Earlier in 1959 when television was introduced in India it was very heavy in weight with a small screen inside it. Everyone can’t afford it at that time so then it was only found in some rich houses. People has to adjust their antenna to find signal for watching T.V. That time it came with only one national channel named as ‘Doordarshan’ which was introduced by government. Colour of the screens were black and white so it was also considered as black and white T.V. People have to adjust volumes with the regulator that was fitted with T.V. as that time remotes were not invented to operate T.V. Later Doordarshan channel was the combination of all the news programmes, fictional or non-fictional shows or drama and many other categories of programmes. Then many shows like ‘Yeh toh hai zindigi’, ‘Buniyaad’, ‘Vikram Betal’, ‘Mahabharat’, ‘Ramayana’ etc. were telecasted on T.V. These shows gained so much of popularity among the people. That age was considered as the golden age of Television as all the family members sit together to watch it.

With new innovations in technology, television industry also changed slowly and gradually by the time. Many people started affording T.V. at their homes. Now we can find T.V. almost in every house. Black and white T.V. were converted to the colour T.V. and its content quality also enhanced by the time. Afterwards, remote was invented, remote is the device by which we can operate our television we can adjust volumes or channels easily by sitting at one place. Antenna T.V. has been replaced by DTH (Direct-to-home) T.V. DTH is a digital satellite service through which variety of channels are broadcasted on television. We can enjoy approximately 800+ channels in one set top box. T.V screens became bigger by the time and now variety of brands (Panasonic, L.G, Videocon d2h, Sony etc.) of television are available in market. Anyone can afford television according to their choice or preferences related to brands, resolutions (3D, OLED, LCD, LED, 4K etc), size or DTH services (Tata sky, Dish T.V., Videocon d2h, etc.)

In India the new age of Television is more advanced and innovative. Now we can choose our favourite channels according to our preferences as it is a cost and time saving option. We can easily choose/deduct the channel we want/ remove from our DTH packs just by just calling our cable operator or through a particular DTH app. Smart T.V. are newly introduced in market. These televisions come with advanced features, technology and better resolutions. Now we can access over thousands of web series, movies, shows and cartoon through internet on television. Android apps like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, twitter, Netflix, Amazon prime, Voot and many more apps can be accessed on T.V. Smart T.V. are really big in their size and screens and it also gives 3D picture quality. Some Smart T.V.’s even contains web cam in it through which we can easily connect with anyone by just sitting at our homes or at any other place.

So, in coming years Television will be introduced with more such advanced and interesting features and innovations like Wifi, increased piracy etc. And social media trends like Facebook, Instagram, twitter etc will provide inputs for marketing, pricing and story trends too and many more. These features will make life easier as it will save more time and cost too with full entertainment in return.      

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