Technology and the Social Media- A boon to the Art

Art has witnessed an evolution of technology, from Pyramids at Giza to today’s time, technology has different notions attached to it. Technology today is a source that facilitates the production, marketing and sale of the art. In the 15th century artists experimented with oil-based pigments while the introduction of photography in the 19th century became a blessing to the eyes of the artists. Technology, in more recent times has birthed computers, which further developed new forms of art say, photoshop, graphic designing, screen printing, 3D printing etc. Fortunately, artists are not the only consumers of technology, in fact, galleries and the people have also access to it. This advantages the artists as the public can now look up the art online and appreciate it, while the galleries can now host online sales

One of the best products of technology is social media, which makes the art available to us almost 24 hours a day. Social media has offered new perspective to the art. Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr and Facebook, it has become easier for public to access the art. Various studies and survey suggests that social media is the key tool in discovering art rather than the age-old hunt of galleries and museums. This has provided a much-awaited platform to many artists who are discovering their arts. It directly reaches the audience; it has no middlemen. It benefits the artists greatly in terms of finance, they no longer have to pay commissions to the galleries. For artists struggling with finances, social media has become a boon. With sites like Instagram, twitter and Facebook having huge active followers, online fundraising has been a tool. All one has to do is put a link on her page through which one could receive instant donations, and voila! You build your dream yourself.

The era of social media, where every second person has internet makes new fashion trends easily accessible. Celebrities, as in the past, today too influence masses immensely. Kylie Jenner posts one photo with fuller lips and the internet drools over it or Rihanna’s side shaved hair becomes a trend setter for the youth. Sara Ali Khan’s chikan kari kurtis became a new thing amongst youngsters. Rihanna posted a picture on Instagram wearing ‘thigh-excessive boots’ which sparked a growth of 600% in searches. Celebrities fashion greatly impact the youth as it is considered to be the epitome of beauty. Red carpet specifically attracts major chunk of consumes of fashion. The designers and brands get a chance to showcase the world their clothing, accessories, footwear, make up etc. on consumer’s favourite artists/ celebrities. People, primarily young generation, have an ardent zeal of wearing trendy clothes and celebrities are often the trendsetters. Social media contributes immensely in advertising celebrity fashion. There are channels and shows totally based on fashion where the anchors discuss the most loved outfits to the worst outfits on some award function. Vogue has a whole series of skin care routine done by various celebrities where they share their go to beauty products, home made masks etc. Celebrities are everyday papped and their photos of whatever they wearing make rounds on social media. In fact, ‘Airport Look’ has been a new trend and consumers often relate to the style and try to copy it. All in all fashion trends might be temporary but the influence of celebrities and Red carpet on people stays forever.

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