5 Ways to overcome low self-esteem

Do you often find your friends or your colleagues better than yourself? Do you often end up criticising yourself on baseless points and land up depressed? Well, this happens to many because of their low self-esteem.Some of the ways to boost and assist you overcome your low self-esteem are as follows-
1) Turn a deaf ear to your inner negative voice-people with low self-esteem often gives in to their inner judge. It is that inner voice of yours that observes and judges your thoughts and actions. It lowers our self-esteem consistently, when we listen to those terrible thoughts, ultimately hindering our self-worth. In order to overcome low self-esteem and get rid of our negative self-image, it is essential that you challenge these negative thoughts. You can do this by focusing on all the good qualities you have rather than constantly being worried about your flaws and focusing on all the negativities of life.
2) Self-acceptance – self- acceptance is essential for every individual to overcome their low self-esteem. You should learn to accept yourself first for others to truly accept you for who you are as a person. So try to treat yourself like a friend, silence your negative ideas and beleifs about yourself and accept yourself the way you are. Accept yourself with all the flaws you have,as no human alive is born flawless. This might not seem easy but this is vital for your mental well-being and for your overall personality development. Be kind to yourself always, no matter what! Always remember that “You” are unique and best in your own ways!
3) Stop comparisons- if you often find yourself comparing with others then it is the time to stop doing so.Comparison frequently brings in needless anxiety, and makes you feel worthless for no reason. As there’s a saying- “Comparison is the thief of joy!” What you have to apprehend is that there will always be people more beautiful, successful or smarter than you are, but it doesn’t necessarily make you an unsuccessful person.Everybody grows and moves towards success at their own pace and time. You will shine too, when your time comes, till then grow with your life experiences and enjoy the process of becoming your true self, harnessing your potential to the fullest. Keep chasing your dreams and you will soon be at your desired place in life.
4) Self-belief-  Belief in yourself against the world’s disbeliefs! If you have a dream, but you are unsure about achieving it or you find it unachievable and fear even taking a step forward,because of what your inner critic or the people around you says, then do yourself a favour by just silencing all the irrational thoughts and fears and better focus on what you really want out of your life. Keep following what your heart says, follow your passion, work hard to make your dream come true and eventually you will find your self-esteem increasing with every goal you have accomplished so far.
5) Seek meaning- strive to do something significant in life. Work for something or do something that is beyond yourself. The act of kindness is one way to reap contentment and inner peace in life. Be kind to others for no reason. Do good to others without ever anticipating anything in return, this would add a meaning to your life. Volunteering for a cause you believe in and you always wanted to, is another example, for boosting your self-esteem and living a fulfilled life.
   So dear readers, if you often struggle with low self-esteem, I hope the above mentioned ways would help you overcome your struggle. You are special in your own unique way, so don’t ever let the world or your own negative thoughts belittle you !

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