Ways to find the real “YOU”

The most important journey of our lives is discovering who we truly are. Have you ever asked yourself- Who you are?
Well, if you didn’t then ask yourself today and try to find your answer !
     Finding yourself may additionally sound like an inherently self-centered goal, however it is simply an unselfish process that is at the root of everything we do in life. In order to be the most treasured person to the world round us, the best partner, father or mother etc, we have to first recognize who we are, what we value and, in effect, what we have to offer. Now, let’s discover some of the ways to find out our authentic self.
1) Make sense of our past- In order to find out who we are and why we act the way we do, we have to be aware of our own story. Being courageous and willing to explore our past is an important stepping stone on the avenue to appreciate ourselves for who we are  and changing into who we prefer to become. Research has shown that it isn’t simply the things that has  happened to us that outlines who we become, but its how much we’ve made sense of what has occurred to us.
 So, in order to grow in life and to understand yourself better you will have to make peace with your past, clear up your past issues, recognize your behavior patterns, fix yourself if needed and change for the better. Do not continue to be caught up in your past conflicts.
2)Differentiate- Differentiation refers to the procedure of striving to increase the experience of ourselves as unbiased individuals. In order to find ourselves and to genuinely live our lives in the best viable way, we ought to differentiate ourselves from the rest. We have to attempt to locate our traits that makes us special and unique from others. We ought to additionally try to find our very own values, morals and ideas rather than blindly accepting those values and morals one has grown up with.
3) Seek meaning in life – In order to discover ourselves, each one of us  should look out for our personal sense of purpose. This is the ability of keeping apart our personal point of view from other’s expectations of us. It needs asking ourselves what our values are, what truly matters to us, and then following the ideas we truly believe in. Finding your self and your happiness is a challenge inextricably linked to discovering meaning in life and for discovering the meaning in your existence you must have certain goals and dreams to obtain in your lifespan, to make it a life worth living.
4) Recognize your personal power- When we recognize what we prefer and what are our desires that we want to achieve, we are challenged to take control over our lives. We no longer have interactions with  ourselves in a spiral of negative questioning that tells us all the things that are incorrect with the world round us or all the motives we can’t have what we want. Instead, we begin accepting ourselves as a powerful participant willing to write our own destiny. Utilising our personal power is vital to both discovering and becoming ourselves.
5) Practice generosity-
Mahatma Gandhi once stated ” The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” In addition to improving your intellectual and physical fitness and extending your lifespan, generosity can enhance one’s experience of reason and attach a meaning to life. It is frequently considered that humans derive more joy out of giving than from receiving. So, if you desire to discover your way in life, it’s beneficial to exercise generosity as an intellectual health precept and take on a compassionate mind-set towards  your self and others.
So, if you want to discover your true self, first uncover your past, understand why you are the way you are, develop your own set of beliefs and principles to follow, find a reason to live for, stay focused on what you want out of your life, work hard to achieve your dreams and finally practice generosity to attract happiness into your life. Go ahead and follow the above-mentioned ways and I hope you will discover the real ‘YOU’ soon!