5 Ways to not lose hope

Do you often feel hopeless and see no light at the end of the tunnel? Well, everybody feels that, at some point of their life. None’s life is perfect, but we should keep thriving to make one. Everybody gets hit by adversity at times, when it becomes difficult to search for the light, but it is only after the storm passes that we become a stronger version of ourselves than ever. Each storm teaches us a lesson to remember and helps us grow as a person. Now, let us explore the five ways through which we can keep our hope alive at the face of adversity.
1) Find support- whenever you feel hopeless and gloomy thinking about your life, or about the things that went wrong, try to talk it out with someone you trust, people who have always supported you and been there through thick and thin. Talking to such people at the time of adversity would help you stay on the right track and their words would give you the much needed strength to fight your fears.They might even help you get your life together.
2) Practice gratitude- Be grateful for what you have achieved so far. Be thankful for the things you have now, which you didn’t had, about a few years back. I am pretty sure you would find ample of things to feel good about yourself and would find a hope to hold on.
3) See the bright side- try to see the bright side of every negative event that might have happened in your life. Consider it as a great life lesson. Learn from your worst experiences and make it a point to never repeat your mistakes twice. The ability to learn from your mistakes would help build your life better and keep your hope alive.
4) Revisit your past- when you feel hopeless just calm your mind, sit with yourself at a quiet place and revisit your past. Try to get back to your past and recall the memories of the difficulties you had faced so far and how you have overcome it, every damn time. This revisiting would thus help you stay strong and would not let you lose hope. Now, your brain would get a positive boost and would try to think about the best possible ways to get you out of your current situation.
5) Everything is temporary- the sooner you realise that nothing is permanent in life, the better you would heal from all the hurt and the bad events that made you feel hopeless. Moreover, just like every night has it’s dawn, similarly every dark days in one’s life brings in bright sunny days later.
So my dear readers, if you have one reason to cry for, today, you would have several other reasons to smile tomorrow. What’s important is never to give up on life and always holding onto hope. Hope is what gets one going right? So no matter what happens, you are strong and brave enough to fight any adversity and most importantly, life donot always go as we plan so all we need to do during such hard circumstances is to keep our eye at the light shimmering at the end of the tunnel. Keep going, have faith in the Almighty and never ever lose hope!