Ad choices basically give information to the consumer or the viewer that where his or her data was used, which company used their data based on their likes, for example like whatever product they search on their web, then the advertisements related to it started showing them on different websites. Its very small icon which we mostly see on the right corner of our phone screen so when we click on the icon we find out the information which is given there like which company used your web browser information and many other options whatever option you prefer you can easily take it if you don’t want to see those advertisement then there is an option opt out you can easily prefer it and that particular company stop taking your information and show less relevant advertisements. Origin of ad choices basically started from FTC when they started doing research to know about those companies which used consumer data for their advertising purpose so basically they concern about people’s data or the advertisers so its implemented for controlling consumers privacy so the control should be in the hands of consumer or viewer that what they allow and what kind of advertisement they wanted on their

screens the user easily saw it and use it most of the people don’t know about it they should know these kinds of platform so this article help them to know all about the ad choices the name suggests all the things. There are also some kind of problems usually faced by viewers or user that they don’t notice it because of its smallest size so this is an also the biggest reason for not knowing it .so because of this many problems get solved, like the advertisers who advertise their products get information of only those viewers who opt in for that, so it basically targeted only those. It also helps the viewer or user to see more advertisements of products similar to it, so in the future it will help them to take that particular product, or maybe according to their interest they will purchase it immediately, so this helps the viewer as well as the advertiser

How does it affect advertisers
So basically it helps the advertisers to build trust among consumers like which company uses their data and where so the consumer know everything about it and they will take decision based on it what they allow and also transparency like nothing is hide with them so they can easily trust a particular company and saw their ads and the result of that they may buy their products and ifthey like it they prefer to others so here there is huge profit to an advertisers and the company and also if they particularly saw ads for example any company a new company comes in a market with new product then the company want to advertise their product so less number of people are aware about it so they started using their advertisements so on digital platforms then after watching their advertisements more people will know about it and they remember their brand name so it will help the company. For the better and building trust is important. It will also help the advertisers to show those products only in which the person is interested so it increases the chances of their sales for example if you like beauty products like fair and lovely cream which is used for lighting skin tone you buy it and search it on your web then advertisement related to it started showing on your screen so that may be you influenced by it and but that product so these are the some examples how advertisers get profit by using ad choices it only done if the user don’t off it .for any advertiser it’s

important to gain people trust as much as possible.

How does it affect consumer.
it affect the consumer, as I said, the companies take their web browsing activity and show them advertisements which according to their likes, so that it’s very much important for consumers to know their things, then only they will take a decision. it always helps the consumers privacy. If we talk about how it helps the consumers, then basically it will help them to cut those companies from the list which they don’t think are relevant for the consumers will see different advertisements, so they get to know about more products and their speciality, so if they want to take that particular product or in future they need, something which fulfil their needs then they think about that product and buy it so it will also help the consumers in different ways.
Ad choices help advertisers as well as consumers if another time you see that icon in your phone then click on it so that you know what companies know about you and it’s important for you to know about them.

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