“The odd thing about people who had many books was how they always wanted more”. A good book is an ocean the more you drown the more you wanted to drown, and those who had never been to a sea will never understand how it feels when the prepossessing waves touch your feet, when that heavenly wind blows through your hairs, how it feels when clouds come floating into the sky, no longer to carry rain or usher storm, but to add color to the sunset sky.

It’s rain, a rain whose every drop first touches your face then slides down through your body and you came to know how it feels when to be touched by someone you love. Those raindrops drenched you completely and you feel a keen wind cutting down your spine. Those raindrops are like the dancers who are trying to play with the most heavenly figurine sculpted by nature.

The above-inscribed words may sound good to you if yes then good you are a reader and you should certainly start with something romantic or soothing. If not then perhaps this genre is not your cup of tea but something must be there which may fascinate you and want you to read more.

Perhaps the fantasies or maybe some sort of murder mystery or something technical or maybe something like science fiction or it could be anything else. There are a lot of virtues of reading a book.

A growing body of research shows that reading changes your mind. Using MRI scans, researchers verified Trusted Source that decoding requires a complicated network of brain pathways and signals. When the reading skill matures, these networks should often get greater and more advanced. In a report performed in 2013, the researchers used interactive MRI scans to assess the impact of reading a novel on the brain. Participants of the research read the book “Pompeii” for 9 days. When the suspense built up in the plot, more and more regions of the brain became lit up with action.

And speaking about detecting discomfort, research Trusted Source has found that people who read romantic fiction — stories that examine the inner lives about characters — have a heightened capacity to consider the emotions and values of others. Experts term this capacity a “theory of mind,” a collection of skills that are important for creating, managing, and sustaining social relationships. Although this sensation is not likely to be caused by a single session of reading literary literature, research Trusted Source reveals that long-term literature readers seem to have a better-developed mind hypothesis.

In 2009, a group of researchers in demanding health science programs in the United States measured the effects of yoga, humor, and reading on student stress levels. The study found that 30 minutes of reading decreased blood pressure, heart rate, and psychological distress feelings almost as effectively as did meditation and laughter. The study concludes, “Since time constraints are one of the most frequently cited reasons for high-stress levels reported by health science students, it is easy to incorporate 30 minutes of one of these techniques into their schedule without diverting much time from their studies.”

So if you a reader, it’s great and if not please try something out. Happy reading!

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