Humanity is going to be in declining stage as faster than you are thinking.

As we all are aware of the current situation and what has happened all around the world.Due to which we have lost our loved ones,family members and some places the situation are so worse that full families have been lost their lives into this pandemic.It has came as a curse in the normal life of the people for some there is nothing left in this life for some the future seems of blank pages with nothing left in their hand.Only one thing can save is the God’s grace.But personally I would like to tell you all,’its not that one thing can decide the whole future you all can stand and be an inspiration to many.Face the storm right now and your future will shine like anything’.

Now,if we talk about the major concern in coming years is one most important topic of all is the slowly declining of human population which is not going to be good for the ecology due to which there will be many implications.This is what the data is showing and it feels like at a point that it is not a good situation for the future generation.A study of Lancet clearly says that slow and steady decline is not good for environment and future of human beings.Lets consider some important topic:

1)Analysis says that China’s population could be down to half of its population currently,India will have 300 million less population by 2100:

Lancet study says that India will be at peak in the year 2048 with 1.6 billion people but till 2100 it will have 300 million less people.It is said that including China and 23 other countries they are Spain,Japan would be at severe drop at in their population around 50%.

2)Due to fall in population it the fertility will be collapsed:

At 2.1 children per woman is the new outcome which the country will see.Already collapsing of fertility has started in every country including India.If the fertility comes below 2.1 than the country is below replacement level.

3)It is also predicted that from 2020s till 2100 will have the largest workforce:

As it is clearly seen that till now only the advanced countries were having the great strength of workforce from all around the world but now as India will be crucial country and it has already been considered the best developing nation in recent times.If we take example of Japan,it has the increased life expectancy more than one third of its population is over 60 years.But it is considered to be the smallest country as working age population.

4)Economic Burden the countries are going to face due to shrinking population:

In the year 2017,every person who used to turn 80 years old,there were 7 births.But it will come down to one in the year 2100.This is because right now the population of 80 plus is grows to 866 million from 141 million today.In 2017 it was noted that the average age was around 32.6 years but till 2100 it is going to rise to around 46.2 years.Other major economies like US and Australia will see decline in their workforce and India will see a peak in workforce in the year 2040s.Nigeria will peak in the end of the Century.

Lancet predicted that India will be at no 4 position in largest economy by 2030 and 3rd largest by 2050.It is also expected that China will be largest economy by 2050.All this data will more cleared in the year 2024 where the final report will be presented.

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