Humanity has always been fascinated by looking at the stars and thinking about their place in the universe throught history there have been many philosphers who gave their opinion to this answer. Initially humanity considered itself at the center of universe and thought everything revolved around them. Then some astronomers found out that isn’t the case and earth revolved around sun not other way around. Then People thought ‘ if we aren’t most superior there must be someone who is superior than us’ this gave birth to the concept of God and shaped most of the religions. Now when we have tools capable of retracing history we  see that there wasn’t a superior being as God who created us but actually we are products of evolution. When humanity got this answer instead of getting satisfied it became even more confused and asked more questions like “ so what is purpose of life?” “ why are we here in the first place”, “ is It that life inherently has no meaning and we are result of just a big coincidence?”

These questions are yet to be answered by science, hence here is where philosophy comes in. The fact that humanity don’t have any purpose gave rise to many ideologies, everybody triend to justify the statement in their on way.

Nihilism followers believe that with life there is only suffering and the best use of life will be to end it this philosophy has caused many suicides and has been cause of depression for many people. This philosophical thought is soo strong that popular apps like Instagram/ facebook actually give warning and counselling notifications to people reading these kind of ideologies.

Then there come existentialists who also believe that life inherently has no meaning but the people need to find their own purpose. They don’t believe in conventional thought of Good/bad, right/wrong, and think that one should chase happiness and die.

Both of these philosophies are beautiful and scary at the same time. For me I prefer mix and match of all of the thoughts. I don’t fear god at the same time I refuse to deny its existence. I love life but I am not afraid to die. I will conclude this essay by imbibing one thought in the mind of readers. “ I love life but I am not afraid to die because I have been dead for millions of years before I was born and all of my inconveniences arised after inception of ‘me’

Published by BaishaliGurung

I am a BBA- Business Analytics student at Christ (Deemed to be University). I love to write and read, it's my escape from the harsh reality of life, also finding solace in my own small universe. Hope I'll be able to make a difference in someone else life by my words.

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