Though it depends on who you prefer to learn from and what you want to learn from your online course. Some of the must have features your online platform should have been-

  1. Easy to use software
  2. More emphasis on live sessions rather than recorded classes to clear your doubts then and there.
  3. Instant messages and doubt clearing capability.
  4. Online quizzes.
  5. Professional instructors.
  6. Grading/generates reports and analytics
  7. Assignment submission.


  1. Discussion pages-you should be provided with all the discussion papers created by the tutor while explaining things, so that you can pick up the topic again in case you forgot.
  2. Chat rooms with students- student-student interaction including the presence of the teacher, can discuss doubts for more clarification to the topic.
  3. Self-paced courses- should not limit the duration of the course to a very limited time, should be given abundant time to the student to complete the course. Advantageous for both intelligent student and average or weak students.
  4. Enables mobile learning-so that can continue with the learning process anytime and anywhere.
  5. Live feedback-student’s satisfaction as well as motivation to the teachers. Also teachers can improve every day.
  6. Provides demo classes-easy for course selection and judgement by the students.

Published by BaishaliGurung

I am a BBA- Business Analytics student at Christ (Deemed to be University). I love to write and read, it's my escape from the harsh reality of life, also finding solace in my own small universe. Hope I'll be able to make a difference in someone else life by my words.

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