Emotional quotient

When we are young we live our lives to the fullest, every emotion we have, every feeling we feel, is in its utmost intensity. we are still trying to figure out the nature of our emotions . in this process we often seem to give more focus on happiness. when every other emotion is being envied upon and tried to be avoided, sadness in particular. We develop our personality over experiences and these experiences should be most be taken care by parents. As we grow up we realize that every emotion is very well important for the overall survival of being. we should let every emotion take over when time comes but we must also be careful that we do not give the complete authority of control of our actions to any emotion in particular. Complete domination of joy can make us escape reality, complete takeover of sadness may make us loose meaning in lives, complete charge of anger can make us take wrong decisions, complete charge of disgust may make us loose our self love, complete takeover of fear may make us loose confidence and so on. While making any action we must expand our controller setup and make every emotion to contribute to make a well balanced output.

 People say you shouldn’t be emotion driven and take actions based on your emotions, after this movie I can say that you can take actions driven by emotions only if you can control your emotion and let each emotion give their valuable suggestion to you so you can take calculated actions calculated risks minimize risk.

Emotions are very  difficult to understand but what is clearly understood is that  emotions are very complex, and its so much complex that it actually knows what needs to be done. Unconscious emotions can sometimes be better than hours of scrutinized thought. because biology had it all figured out even before we knew there was something like this existed.

              End conclusion derived can be that to lead  a happy life emotions must be understood when they arise, then they need to be anylised and then Actions can be taken on a mixture of all the emotions.

OTHER IMPORTANT POINTS- every memory has the power of manifesting various emotions an memory can be happy at some point and same can get sad at some point based on the perception we have these make various emotions take over, also each individual has the power to take an memory/thought/experience and make themselves set any mood as they want and take advantage of that mood to take further steps.

  • We must keep the curious imagineative part of ourselves alive because these areas of personality which has the power to bring joy to our lives. in various circumstances we see that part of our personality dying and choose to not to do anything about it. This happens when sadness takes over. We must recognise it and get a well mix of emotions to plan out and trake actions to fix it.


Published by BaishaliGurung

I am a BBA- Business Analytics student at Christ (Deemed to be University). I love to write and read, it's my escape from the harsh reality of life, also finding solace in my own small universe. Hope I'll be able to make a difference in someone else life by my words.

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