Kedarnath Floods: A dreadful night which no one can forget

Nature is furious and so is when we don’t respect nature. When nature’s fury arrives, nobody can fight that fury. That’s why it’s said that if we don’t respect and protect our environment or nature, nature will surely destroy us. That’s what nature did when the floods struck the hills of Uttarakhand, India in the year 2013. The devastating few days were one of the worst days in Indian history. The pilgrims who went on a pilgrimage in the hills of Uttarakhand in Kedarnath never thought they would face such a situation. Around 4000 people still after 7 years of that disaster are missing, all presumed dead by the authorities.

With nature’s fury hitting the holy place of Kedarnath, many people didn’t know what they were about to face. Some people who had gone for vacations with their families because of the summer breaks of their children never thought that he might have to face such a tragedy. The scenes their as described by the survivors weren’t at all great. The survivors claimed that the scenes at Kedarnath were really bad and horrific. Bodies were lying everywhere. Water had swept everyone away. The areas below the Kedarnath valley, where tourists usually would take rest with small hotels and lodges was fully washed away. If people before hadn’t seen that place, they wouldn’t have even known that the area contained shops and hotels. Everything was swept away, everything means everything.

The survivors claimed that water was so fierce and powerful that it even came up to the hills which they were climbing up for survival. Landslides were happening so frequently those 3 days that few people even lost their lives trying to climb up the hills and survive. The rescue operations started but with the area being at a very high altitude, helicopters as well as the whole operation was halted many times. Many rescue officers lost their lives while rescuing people. This level of devastation and destruction was never ever seen or the people who went to worship would have thought that they will face such a situation.

Eye witnesses claim how few priests as well as people went indoor in the Kedarnath temple when it started raining heavily and within a few minutes water thrashed into the temple sweeping away the door and many people inside the temple were swept away by the force of water. The destruction was for everyone to see. The damage in those 3 days was for everyone to see. But why did that destruction happen? Because of the fact how people have destroyed nature. We always destroy and play with nature as if it is for granted. But when nature takes matters in its own hands, then common people suffer.

In the end I would only suggest the people of not only this country, but the whole world that these disasters will keep on coming and destroying people and property unless we take a major step of protecting the nature. A major step to make sure that environment isn’t destroyed and is taken as a part of our human family. Don’t destroy mother nature, because when mother nature would strike, nobody would be able to survive, nobody means nobody.

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