COVID19 Not Yet Gone Away: Staying Home is the Best Option

With the Indian administration slowly and steadily opening up the Indian economy, the question that arises is the fact that has the threat really gone away? The answer is a big NO. With many reports and studies suggesting that the peak in India still hasn’t arrived, the threat is very much there. What I feel is that government of India have to make sure that people don’t put their guard off against the fight with Covid19 virus. People should not venture out unnecessarily and should stay safe at home and the employer should make sure that if not too important, work from home should be encouraged.

The fact of the matter is that the government will slowly open up everything because the government needs to make the economy run. But the people need to understand and follow the SOP’s laid by the government for protecting the lives of everybody. The people first need to understand that the virus is still there, so avoid going to relatives houses for whatever occasion it be, be it some festival or some casual get together. The people of the country need to understand that India is a country where festivals are celebrated throughout the year and people celebrate festivals with their family members and relatives, but this year isn’t the same as previous so many years. With the pandemic still not reached its peak, its better for the people to understand that if they celebrate the festivals at their home, it will be safe and better not only for them, but for others also. One year not celebrating with others and gathering around would make a huge difference in terms of the safety of the people. The first priority of people should be safety of themselves and others rather than celebrating. Celebrations should be done at home, not by going out for a party.

With the educational institutes closed, its pretty sure that the kids will be safe at home, but what about the adults? This needs to be taken into consideration while employers open up offices and call their staff members, making them risk the lives of their employees. So, in my view the employers need to make sure that their employees are given the option of working from home while the pandemic is going on. Also, the people of the country need to understand that going out for long drives at this time when the whole world is battling a pandemic, isn’t the right option. Even if you wear a mask, various studies have termed that just wearing a mask can’t help you be safe from the virus. We have seen many political personalities getting coronavirus positive eve when they are out doing their duties wearing masks, so to have an argument saying you are going out while wearing a mask is totally baseless according to me.

In the end, I would like to say that the virus as stated by WHO is here to stay, so make sure that you are following all the guidelines and SOP’s laid down by the government, making sure that going out of your home unnecessarily would mean making yourself and others around you in a place of danger of carrying the virus. That’s why STAY HOME, STAY SAFE.

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