Happy Raksha Bandhan

Raksha Bandhan is celebrated as on the full moon Hindu month of Shravana ( Shravana Purnima ) or around July or August every year. This day is celebrated to mark the bond between brothers and sisters. The Expression “Raksha Bandhan” in Sanskrit literally means the bond of ‘Protection, Obligation or Care”. The Sister ties a sacred thread on wrists of the brothers, named as “Rakhi”. Also, the sister prays to God that may his brother stays in high spirits and healthy forever. This is a custom which is being followed for so many years, till date. This is a day for celebration or happiness for all the brothers and sisters across the world. Whether he is a cousin, or a sibling, or someone known, the sister will wait for his day to tie the thread. We also form bondings with someone whom we meet by travelling, or seniors in our office or schools, they also uplifts us so much with heir brotherly instinct. Actually, this is a ritual which depicts the protection of brothers from all the evils and odds, simultaneously brothers also plays the role of Savior after the demise of her father or her husband. Sisters have an immense respect for their brothers, so this “Raksha Bandhan” celebrates the connection of Brotherhood and Sisterhood. Gift plays a very important part in this ceremony. It isn’t about the gift actually but just the soulful connection between them, as sisters tend to demand a lot and throw all the childish tantrums to their brothers only. A sister blesses the younger brother for her well being and prays for his successful life. No Raksha Bandhan is ever complete without a gift In return of the Rakhi, the brother especially pays a sum of money or gives presents to the sisters as a token of appreciation. This attachment stays on for Lifelong. “Raksha Bandhan” signifies togetherness between brothers and sisters. The term ‘Raksha’ signifies Protection and ‘Bandhan’ signifies the Bond. Rakhi is tied on the wrists of Brothers to show care and affection for him. Lets find out the History behind his celebration and how it actually started.

According to the ancient mythology, it has been stated that In Mahabharata, Lord Krishna shared a brotherly relationship with Queen Draupadi, she considered Lord Krishna as her brother. For the protection of Dharma on the Earth, he killed Sishupal, while doing so he accidentally has hurt his finger and it was bleeding very badly, Draupadi could not tolerate this and she had torn a strip from her saree and tiedit on the Finger of Lord Krishna. Amused by her behavior, Lord Krishna promised to protect her from all odds and be by her side forever, which he did so as well later on. Another popular evidence regarding Rakhi is between Rani Karnawati and Emperor Humayun, In medieval era, Rajputs were busy protecting their territories from Muslim attacks. raksha Bandhan that time meant that the priority of the brothers is to foresee the security of their sisters. Rani Karnawati was the widowed wife of a King of Chittor, she got to understand that she cannot protect her Kingdom from Sultan Bahadur Shah’s invasion, hence she sent a Rakhi thread to Emperor Humayun, he was deeply moved by the gesture and started off to Chittor for saving her. The Great Poet Shri. RabindranathTahore used the concept of brotherhood, togetherness and thread o “Rakhi” as a medium to protect against British Partition Policy to prevail harmony between two communities. A Brother from very childhood keeps guiding the sister, by supporting her in studies by sharing important views for her carrier, also the sisters are the source of inspiration for their Brothers. We eventually learn a lot from our brothers, as he shoulders a lot of responsibilities after the demise of Father, he becomes the decision maker of the family. In “Raksha Bandhan” Ceremony, the Brother promises to bless her no matter what and also to protect her. Hence all the sisters are immensely grateful to their brothers for all the help and support. Nowadays, the Sisters also tie Rakhi on another sister’s hand to show affection. This day, make a video call to your brother or write a letter, expressing your appreciation to him if you cannot meet him personally, just to let the brother know that you love him and still stand by him.

Source – Wikipedia

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