A Look into the 2019/20 Champions League Matches to be Played


With the domestic seasons of Europe’s top 5 leagues over, the focus now shifts on the later stages of one of the most elite competitions in football, the UEFA Champions League. With the tournament in its later stages and with top teams in action, these will be one of the best matches to cover for the broadcasters as well as for the spectators. With the 1st leg of the Round of 16 already played, the 2nd leg will be a feast to watch on, with the quarterfinals at stake. So, here’s a brief look at what can be expected in the upcoming days in the premier tournament known as the UEFA Champions League.

The first day will say 3 heavyweights of the game in action in the 2nd leg of the Round of 16. The Italian champions Juventus will take on Lyon, with surprisingly Lyon going with the lead into the 2nd leg as they defeated Juventus 1-0 earlier in the 1st leg between the two teams. Talking about the other fixture that day, it will be a spicy contest as two of the favourites to lift the trophy would lock horns, meaning one of the title contenders will surely be eliminated in the Round of 16. It is the game between Spanish Champions Real Madrid and English giants Manchester City. City go into the match with a 2-1 lead in the 1st leg. This will surely be the match to look out in the Round of 16 remaining matches. The next day will see 4 top teams from different leagues around Europe clash among themselves for a place in the quarterfinals. The match will be played between German champions Bayern Munich and former English champions Chelsea. The other match will be played between Spanish giants Barcelona and the Italian underdogs Napoli.

Now let us discuss who have the best chance of being crowned the UEFA Champions League winner. The race is very tight and the top contenders for me looking at the recent form and the team composition, I feel Real Madrid and PSG are the top contenders for the Champions League crown this season, given their form and the team composition. Looking at Real Madrid, they will face a sergeant Manchester City in the Round of 16, with them trailing the former English champions 1-2, they would I feel overcome this match. After the lockdown, the Spanish champions haven’t lost any of the games, and with no major injury concerns and with their whole team in top form, including striker Karim Benzema, Real Madrid are certain to be in the final for sure, that’s how I see it. Talking about the other contender, that is the French champions PSG. PSG will come into the tournament on the back of winning a domestic treble already. The only little concern for PSG could be the injury to Kylian Mbaape, their main man and this could be a major blow to their hopes of lifting the Champions League this season.

In the end, I want to say that the 2019/20 season is still not over and the fireworks haven’t started yet. Once the Champions League starts, its all to play for.    

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