Evil Genius

Is God an evil genius? According to Descartes, God is excellent; however, there is an oil genius
who is as powerful as God. The evil has deceived Descartes, and he thinks that the universe,
heaven and all the things around the bus are just dreams and illusion that the evil has taken up
himself. He falsely believes that he has posses no physical attributes. He states that evil can
deprive us of all the attributes that surround us. There is a good line in the article stating that evil
follows and does according to his direction and words.
A good example can be taken from the article about Tom, who has an illusion of a bowl of
flower, which he thought was there and now it was not present. He has an illusion of touching
the flower petal and sniffing the flower; however, there was no flower but was paper. Another
encounter of strangeness is when his friend enters the room. However, her physical appearance
looked strange. Everything around him is unusual than he is acquaintance off. This example
concludes that the evil deceives tom, the evil tries to mislead Tom to think about what is not
valid. According to the article, the illusion is something that looks and sounds like a thing that
we are likely to mistake with the thing we are looking for. Nevertheless, in the end, the article
concludes that evil is not deceiving us, but he was posting that he could deceive us.

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