We often think that rationality and intelligence are technically similar; however, it is not. It is
said that a person can be a rational thinker with very little intelligence. People who are rational
use logic and reason to solve everyday problems or situations. The article states that rationality
differs between person to person and are three types: “automatic mind,” “algorithmic mind,” and
“ reflective mind.” which is, however, interesting and can be taken into consideration because it
somehow explains how minds can work.
It is said that rationality can be learned and taught, which means that the knowledge of
reasoning can be acquired thought-out life. Statical and scientific thinking is considered as the
primary source that helps in gaining the technique of reasoning. The fundamental strategy to
learn to reason is to think the opposite. Taking many deliberations to analyze things is the best
way to fall prey.
However, if an individual solves a tricky question in his/her examination, will it be considered,
will it be regarded as solving the problem using rational thinking or intelligence?

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