Coronavirus Family vs Humans

Corona virus or Covid 19 has conferred all of us at homes. Words such as ‘Lockdown’, Shutdown’, ‘Isolation’ we have cam across in History Books, is a harsh reality for the world today indeed. Corona Virus has created a havoc worldwide, Especially for the old aged community of people. It is not allowed to shake hands or give a warm hug when you meet or greet someone. Covid 19 has made our lives much more difficult and less happening. A situation of Pandemic has been created by this disease named as Covid 19, as declared by World Health Organization. The symptoms for this disease are cough, sore throat, feeling lethargic, fever just common symptoms for a normal flu, but the strangest part is that it can cause even a loss of life. While it has been strictly declared by the Government that going out and making an crowd isn’t safe but some reckless and desperate people won’t care to follow them. They should know that many rules has been made not just for their own safety, but also to ensure the safety of their loved ones. It should be realized that these steps are taken for our awareness on safety. We are human being, superior to all other creatures so we don’t easily until something really dangerous happens to us. We shall abide by the rules and regulations of the Government and make stuffs like marks, hand gloves, sanitizers the most crucial part of our lives. We shall maintain proper hygiene while travelling by public transport till reaching to a public place and should ensure social distancing. Social distancing means maintaining at least 6feet distance from on other to avoid physical contact. We should also use masks to protect ourselves from the dust and be less prone to viruses outside our homes. Sanitizers are a must have before touching any stuffs also, sprays are also available. Wearing a mask won’t harm anyone but not wearing a mask would surely do. Hands should be sanitized well before eating or drinking anything. Sanitization in all the public places are mandatory. Maintaining personal stuff and washing them properly after every uses shall keep us away from any viruses. Self Quarantining is absolutely essential for a Covid positive Patient for lowering the chance of spreading. We should take proper vitamins and minerals to create that hard immunity which is deliberately needed and must have to fight with the corona family to keep the human race intact. A person having progressive mindset should understand the urgency of the situation and hence act accordingly. He should not go out without having any important reason. It is our duty to give mental support to corona positive patients and treat them with utmost care sot they get the motivation to fight back this deadly disease. If possible, more companies shall take up the initiative to make the employees work from home, to avoid gatherings or official meetings shall be conducted on video calls. Technology should be used more often in this condition and manual works shall be excluded. We should be careful enough not to sneeze or cough openly. We should also refrain ourselves from talking to others or touching anyone without a mask or proper sanitization. Spending a lot more time at home with the family will normalize the situation lot more and would relieve stress and cut down the negative feelings. We all need the constant support of family in this crucial times. The best part we all can do is to educate or acknowledge others about the seriousness of this matter and so they will stop taking human lives as a practical joke. Carelessness is the main drawback of struggling with a pandemic situation as thousands of people are dying everyday because of being not aware enough. Corona virus family will surely leave us someday, if we follow the principles prescribed by the doctors. We should not gather together like we used to do, just to combat the disease. If each and every people starts having this self consciousness we can get rid of Corona virus very soon.

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