Education: The Institutes Need to Change their Mindset


With the virus spreading its roots all over India, its highly unlikely that schools and colleges will open for the rest of the year until the vaccine is supplied to the whole of the country. So, what’s next for the students? This is the big question in everyone’s mind. The answer to this question is the preparation which needs to be shown by the various educational institutes in the country so that the students don’t suffer. The thing is that these are times which nobody in their life has ever seen. So, the educational institutes have to make sure that they bring a sense of calmness to the students rather than making them feel more under pressure.

The educational institutes should adopt a method of online teaching which gives both the children learning as well as fun. The basic thing for that is to limit the screen time of the students, be it students in schools or in colleges. The screen time should be limited and making sure that burden isn’t put on students. See, what schools and colleges need to understand first off all is that we aren’t an economy like the US or China, where around 80-90% of students have amazing connectivity and no connectivity issues at all. But that’s not the case in India. Connectivity is a major problem in India and all students don’t have same connectivity signal, it maybe different for few and maybe slow for others. Therefore, the educational institutes should not everytime use online live teaching platforms. For students benefit, they can upload the material to be taught to students on platform like WhatsApp, which requires a relatively low internet connectivity. Also, schools and colleges need to make sure that if a student faces any technical issues, they support them by providing them helpful assistance.

Another thing which needs to be checked by the educational institutes is the fact that examination being conducted online is one of the worst modes. Why? I tell you in detail about it. With education happening online, the matter which is being taught is to impart knowledge into the students rather than taking exam of the knowledge imparted. Also, if the institutes want to make sure that what they have taught is being understood by the students, they could give them online projects and judge them on these projects, rather than organising online tests, where the pressure faced by students genuinely increases due to the technical aspects and issues they face. The use of various online evaluation methods like giving students projects like preparing reports on certain topics being taught to them, or other creative skills, like making them make their view points on certain topics in video formats, etc.

In the end I want to say that education is very important, but online examination isn’t that important. The students need to be taught in a way so that each and every student, irrespective of the connectivity issue gets quality education and connectivity issue isn’t a problem for them.  

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