Workforce Diversity

Workforce Diversity may be defined as a means of having a wide variety of individuals in the organisation. The differences among employees may be in terms of age, cultural background, physically challenged, race, religion, gender, etc. As we know, no two humans are alike. People are different not only in terms of gender, culture and race but also in their social and psychological characteristics, perspectives and prejudices. Workforce Diversity focuses on the dissimilarities among individuals in same country. Diversity makes the workforce heterogeneous. Workforce Diversity is the strength for any organisation and it has became necessity for every organisation but to manage such diversified workforce is a big challenge for management. There is a need to manage workforce diversity by the management. The managers should not apply same techniques in treating all the employees instead they should identify the difference among them and should formulate and implement policies which can help them to increase productivity, eliminate discrimination and reduce labour turnover. If the management properly manages workforce diversity, there will be good personnel relations, pleasant work culture and effective communication in the organisation. Many research studies concluded that workforce diversity is strength of any organisation but people stick to their views related to caste, religion, etc and so consider diversity as a problem but if we manage properly it can increase the productivity of the organisation. Workforce Diversity represents both a challenge and an opportunity for business. As the number of organisation are increasing and so is the competition that’s why the organisation are realising the needs for valuing diversity in the workforce and so they are ensuring strategic utilisation of human resource for the accomplishment of strategic goals. When workforce diversity is managed properly, their would be better communication, better human relations and congenial work culture in the organisation. Be it a public or private, profit or non-profit, small or large organisation, the effective management of workforce diversity should be the prime concern of all the managers in the organisation. The proper management of diversity includes the following aspects:-

  • Increasing Awareness – As now, diversity has became an integral part of the organisation, so providing awareness among manpower is more important. Inorder to have better understanding of other’s behaviour, experiences and attitude, it is important to have compassion towards others.
  • Improving Diversity Skills – For improving diversity skills main focus point should be in enhancing the skills of managers and their subordinates to feel comfortable while working with other individuals and improving the way they interact with eachother. They should be educated regarding this. This will help in creating respect for the diversity among the individuals and creating mutual understanding among the employees.
  • Gender Diversity – In today’s scenario, the participation of women has increased significantly in the workplace. However, the rewards which they are receiving for their hard work and contribution are not according to their participation in the organisation.

Workforce Diversity has also many importance. They are:-

  • Promotes Cultural Intelligence – The organisation should adopt the concept of “social inclusion” by having the diversity in workforce as most of the people who are benefitted by this practice of workforce diversity belongs to the disadvantaged segments of the society. These individuals get the chance to earn their livelihood and achieve their goals with the help of those organisation which promote diversity in their workforce.
  • Results in High Performance – The people who work in diverse background learn to live together and in this way they can learn a lot of things from eachother.
  • Improved Quality – From the research studies it is observed that the solution of problems was found effectively by a team which is having workforce diversity. It is observed that the quality of problem solving improved.
  • Reduced Turnover and Absenteeism – Workforce diversity helped in reducing the turnover and absenteeism of employees and it creates an image of a fair employer.

So lastly, workforce diversity acts as a tool which helps in achieving the goals and objectives of the employees and the organisation.

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