smartness lies within

To explain what I mean by smartness lies within and it is up to us to find out, I would like to quote a story that my teacher told me. here is how it goes,

Kaveri is a 8th Class girl student recently joined in kamalapur high school. Her father is a government employee transferred to that place as per governement orders and policy. He always prefers governement schools for his children. Kaveri is a very sharp girl, grasps things instantly. In the very first week of her joining she observed a very Strange thing in the school.

All the children used to gout for a shot break every day and after their return to class they found that one of their lunch boxes and water bottles got emptied. As a result, that student would be without lunch. To avoid this, other students would help him sharing from their lunch boxes. The students were in a confusion to know the secret behind this and & started fearing of a ghost’s act. This fear of students prompted Kaveri to unearth the secret and started bringing an extra lunch box and water bottle separately in a bag daily and take it with her when she goes out,

Kaveri understood from the conversation of students that they were fearing of a ghost’s act and noticed that some children even getting fever. She also noticed that even teachers were also started fearing of the ghost’s entry into the classroom and as a result teaching and learning became dull. Kaveri decided to put an end to this at any cost.

One day Kaveri came to school half an hour early. While talking to the servant maid she noticed a lot of dust covering the window and understood the problem there. The next morning, she along with other children went out of the classroom during the short break and walked towards her class window from behind the school building and started looking inside her class room hiding from behind a tree. To her surprise she saw the real ghost emptying the lunch box in a hurry and at once decided to catch the ghost redhandedly to show the teachers as proof. That day evening, she had a secret talk with the headmaster and he immediately agreed to whatever Kaveri said since he observed her smartness from the day of her joining. The next morning all the children kept their lunch boxes in the Headmasters’ room as advised by Kaveri and went out for the short break as usual. Kaveri also went out along with them and after some time she came to her class window from behind and hid behind a tree bush. The headmaster also stood a little away from the window and both of them kept watching. As usual the same ghost entered the room and started searching every bag for lunch box, but could not find any lunch box. Finally the ghost opened Pramila’s box and started eating the lemon rice hurriedly. After Eating five spoons, the ghost started feeling very spicy with the sixth spoon and shouted spicy, spicy. With an indication from Kaveri the headmaster came near the window and saw what was happening in the room. Both of them came inside the room and saw the ghost searching the bags for the water and lunch boxes.

The Headmaster then identified of the ghost boy as Praveen, one of the students of the same class and shouted out to the other children that Praveen from their class was the same ghost whom they were fearing off and who was emptying the boxes daily. On instructions from the Headmaster, Pramila went and brought a bottle of water for Praveen who drank it later.

The Headmaster then told Praveen how generous was Kaveri in saving him by giving drinking water in times of need Ignoring all his unwanted acts. He also told that It was a great shame for him to spoil all the books and other material of the students all these days and the present act of the lunch box episode. He also warned that children would look him down if he continued the same to further. He also warned that he would call his parents and give them his TC and send him away from the school.

Kaveri requested the Headmaster to forgive Praveen and told him that he would prove himself a Good boy thereafter. Then Praveen told her that the main reason for doing becoming like that was that the main reason for becoming like that was other classmates daily insulted him and heckled at him as a timid boy. Kaveri offered him help in understanding subjects and in doing homework as and when he required and Praveen promised her that he would consult her frequently, and become a good boy. He also said that all he did till now was only to teach other students a lesson and not with any mollified intention. The Headmaster praised Kaveri and said that the name Kaveri was very apt for her as her actions which would encourage friendship.

from this story we can understand that everything including smartness is within us and it is important for us to realize and recognize the same and implement it in our lives to solve the problems that we come across and make our lives more satisfactory and happy.

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I am a first year law student.

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