Indian Education system VS Foreign education system

The Differences Between Indian Education and Foreign Education

Education is an essential part of human civilization. No matter how big or small, how developed or backward the country is, still they have a lot of educational institutes that work to make their citizens qualified enough to take the responsibility of their nation, the people, and the wealth of it. Education is a medium that takes the progression at a height that only can be compared with the sky. Every country has its own education system and policy. This depends on how much does the country is capable of spend on education in its annual budget. Besides, the resources are the matter that makes the difference. For all these reasons, you can see a huge difference in the education system from country to country.

Indian Education- Past and Present

India is one of the largest countries with the second-largest populated country in the world. Besides, it is enriched with a huge number of human and natural resources. The culture, the heritage all these can be loudly said in its favor. Its education system had been followed by other countries in ancient ages. But in modern times it is seen the students of this country have lesser faith in the education system here. Those who are capable to afford, tend to go abroad for higher study. It is not that, the colleges and the universities have no reputation; still there have a lot of good things to say about the education policy of this country. Despite having all the good things, every year a lot of students are applying for studying abroad. Still, a foreign degree gets a special mention rather than an Indian degree. Therefore, the question must come to your mind and you’ll be willing to know the difference between Indian and foreign education.

The Differences in Education System

It is not the right thing to compare the education system of India and other foreign countries as in every system there are some benefits and drawbacks. But if you thoroughly go through the Indian education policy and the system as well you may find a huge loophole and wrong things that make you feel the worse than any other countries including the USA, UK, and  Australia and New Zealand. Here is a list which can prove you the differences between Indian and Foreign Education system.

The Management

This must be the best topic to start the discussion regarding this matter. In India, most of the lower and upper-grade institutions are run by the government. Unfortunately, most of them are not governed properly; corruption, lack of funds, and political influences are disturbing the whole system. As a result, poor basic study affects the career of the majority of the students. On the other hand, foreign education is looked after by professionals and without having any bad influence the system runs smoothly towards the betterment always.

 The Creativity

Indian education is more based on theory rather than practical. Whereas foreign education gives more importance to practical learning. In this way, most of the time, the much-needed creativity is found lost in an Indian study.

The Necessity

In India education is compulsory to all but like a part of the routine. Without having any target and without knowing own potential, students use to go for studying medical or engineering stream. As pressure comes from his or her respective families to become either a doctor or an engineer. Perhaps he or she would have some different interests and hopefully could do better in that field. As a result, though they could achieve the degree, find themselves nowhere in the path of success. On the other hand, in foreign countries, the talent is given priority and the students are allowed to select the course according to their interests and obviously where they can build their career.

Extra-Curricular Activities

In foreign countries, you can see so many extracurricular activities are included in the study. In Australia, cricket, hockey, and boxing is added in the curriculum. In the USA you may see arts, sports, music, and acting in the syllabus. These activities help the students to display their talent and skill apart from the study materials. In this way, people around the world get an experience to see some of the very talented persons from different fields coming out from these countries. But on the other hand, Indian education rarely encourages these extracurricular activities. This is mainly a classroom  based study restricted within books and copies.

Techniques of Learning

In the Indian education system Students have to memorize facts and figures, equations of maths, chemical equations and reactions, dates, and times of historical incidents, and also thousands of other things. Often students find themselves at a loss and could not enjoy the steam and in most of the cases, he or she could not perform as per their potential. But in foreign countries, the education system works for providing knowledge by following practical techniques.

Method of Study

The Indian Education system hasn’t changed too much since independence. Still, it is following the old techniques and takes a longer time to adopt modern technologies than any other advanced countries down the west. As a result, the quality of the study doesn’t improve too much in India. On the other hand, foreign education always changes their curriculum according to the modification and development of technologies. Besides, the requirements of industries also being considered while reformation of the education system. For this reason, the foreign education always remains updated but Indian education always left behind.

The Popularity

Once there was a time when the students from outside used to visit India for learning, as this country was considered as the temple of knowledge and wisdom. But the time has changed and the needs for the study also have changed. Now to get the advanced study, to increase the job opportunity, and to build a handsome and secured professional career, the students from India are trying their luck to get admission in the universities of different foreign countries. The lawmakers of India should think of it seriously!!


This article has no intention to malign Indian Education only to promote foreign Education. But those who have a close look at the Indian Education system must agree with this article. This criticism should be taken positively and try to change the system according to the needs of the present time. Only then the Indian Education can stand side by side to the Foreign Education.

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