Did you think after you?

did you ever think what of you after you? I think it is really important for every one to think of what would happen not only to their money but also to their knowledge skill and body after they pass away. I always think of this story that was written by my teacher and this is how it goes,

Venkatapuram is a village having the temple of Lord Venkateswara. People who Could not go to Tirupati, would go to that temple give their offerings. There was a big oak tree under the shade of it, a very old woman beggar manned Anandamma. Devotees visiting the temple

used to give her some as money, food etc., after seeing her position. The beggar woman every day early in the morning finished her bath at a well nearby, plucked some flowers in the garden and offered them to Gods photo there and sat at the foot of the tree. She used to wear the old Sarees given to her and prepared a soft bed with them and spend life by eating whatever others given and never stretched her hand to anyone. Always she spent her time by chanting the name of God and by wearing Vibhuthi on her forehead. She used to keep all the old sarees given to her in a small bag and used it as a pillow. She uses to through a smile when others advised her to sleep on a platform inside the temple instead of in the open-air suffering chill.

As days passed by the management of the temple wanted the Construct a choultry for the benefit of pilgrims and the works started slowly due to paucity of funds. They wanted to complete the work as early as possible, as they decided to celebrate functions as was done in Tirupati. Devotees started giving funds according to their might. No one left the place without giving anything to that old woman. The construction work picked up speed and some rooms were completed. One of the woman there asked that old woman to go and sleep in one of the completed rooms for some time instead of spending in the open air. The old woman replied that it would be a sin for her to stay inside the rooms constructed for the benefit of pilgrims in the evenings of her life, and did not want to make the temple unholy by her death inside. She already spent most of her life under the shade of that holy tree and requested the woman to do some work for her as a token of her goodness. She said that she stored some money inside the soft bed she made and requested that woman to bury her body under that tree keeping her head towards God as it was a little away from the temple premises and also do some poor feeding with money she saved. The woman accordingly promised the old woman for the job.

To every one’s surprise, the beggar woman died that holy night of Ekadashi. Next day morning the temple priest who came early noticed the old woman’s lying dead under the tree and at once sent a message to all the Committee members of the temple. They assembled there and the lady to whom the old woman entrusted the work also joined the. Asper the be wish of the old woman, the lady requested the committee members to bury the dead body under the same tree. She took the soft bed and bag of the old woman and turned upside down. To their surprise a lot of rupee coins slipped down and piled up as a heap.  All of them were surprised at that. The Priest said that he that the reason for her not accepting the suggestion for sleeping inside the room perhaps might be the same one not leaving her old soft bed and bag containing money. The Sarpanch of the village suggested to complete the work of funeral first clean the temple before opening the doors and then only count the money piled up there and do the work as requested by the dead woman. Accordingly while they were digging the grave they heard a big sound and to their surprise they found a very big old and rusted iron box with a lock. As the lock was rusty, it was broke open in front of the Sarpanch and all other members and found old gold coins full of box. All of them

decided to use those coins joyfully for the construction of the choultry and name it with the name of the dead woman as Ananda Bhavan. They also built a Samadhi on her name. This is the result of the act of previous birth in which she did not do any charitable work or use it for herself, but stored it as a treasure. That is why elders always say to use some of our earnings in charitable works.

the old women who was not educated had a noble thought and she could think of others not only when she was alive but also when she was no more. organ donation is one such aspect that we should think of. this will give a new life to people even after our death.

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I am a first year law student.

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