Body shaming: How ignorant are we?

Discriminating or criticizing someone for their physical appearance is called body shaming. How often do all of us face it?. We almost face it very often but we have become immune to such comments. Is this right? Well in some cases it is right to lock out the negativity of life, but in the long run we cannot choose to ignore them, we must take a stand for ourselves and others and tell the shamers that they are  wrong. Society has some norms of how one must look, anything more or less will attract attention and unwanted advice.

We see a lot of advertisements for weight loss, it’s not wrong to feel that you wanna lose weight, but the problem is that the advertisements are so disrespectful, they make chubby people look like they’re diseased. 

Have you noticed that a lot of sitcoms use chubby people always as side-kicks and constantly crack jokes on their weight? Don’t you feel disgusted to laugh at these jokes? But let me tell you something, even chubby people sometimes end up laughing not understanding the insulating sitcom. This is how society and it’s unwanted norms have made people do. This society should rather work on making people feel awesome the way they are. We are often told that changing your appearance would help or wearing some loose clothes will not show those extra inches or should cut on some food. There is a clear difference between people who genuinely care for you, and people who fake concern, just to thrash you down. 

Body shaming manifests in three ways:-

  1. Criticizing yourself:-  You often compare yourself with others, the way they dress up or how their body shape is often makes you feel insecure. You want your body to be like the other person’s body, this often leads to lack of self love and self confidence. You start to hate every part of you bit by bit.
  2. Criticizing another person’s appearance in front of them:-  You often tend to hurt or insult someone’s appearance directly. You make certain derogatory remarks about them on their face like how they might not end up having a boyfriend because of their weight. This is really demeaning, as this can break them down and make them feel worthless.
  3. Criticizing about a person to a third party:- You often comment about someone’s appearance or looks, to another person. You start making derogatory remarks about that person to someone else. This can also seriously affect the person if they get to know about this through a third person. You start commenting and making remarks such as:- ‘look at how fat her thighs are she needs to dress up more accordingly and stop wearing tight clothes’.

Body shaming should be stopped, people have the right to choose the way they wanna look and sometimes people don’t get to choose the way they wanna look. So we must stop being judgemental about them and help them love themselves. Encourage them and bring their self confidence higher than it can reach.


This is for my internship as a law/legal content writer in the Hariyali NGO in collaboration with the Eduindexnews portal.

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