Human nature has proven to be chaotic and even in most civilized times, there have been conflicts and where there is conflict there is a violation of human rights. Human rights are a collection of basic rights that everyone is entitled to. International human rights are a branch of international law that strives to safeguard and to advance human rights at all times. International rights are made up of treaties signed by sovereign states, customary international law. States that ratify it are compelled to agree, protect and empower human rights in their state. Other sources include declarations, conventions which are made by an international organization. The universal declaration of human rights is an authoritative instrument used as a base framework for international human rights. it was proclaimed and adopted by the United Nations general assembly. It is not a legally binding document. Global treaties like the International Covenant of Economic, Social and Cultural Rights and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. All the documents are aimed to prevent violation of human rights. The treaties also prevent torture, degradation of humans, discrimination based on gender, colour or race. it prohibits violation against women and children.
States have to respect the basic rules of both International Humanitarian Law and International Human rights. International Humanitarian Law is applied in times of conflict whereas international human rights are applied at all times regardless of the situation. The states that have ratified the treaties are bound to follow the international human rights as they assume obligations to respect, safeguard human rights The states have to make domestic laws or measures to help combat human rights violation with legislations. Include the right to life, right to religion, right to freedom of speech, right to freedom from degrading treatment, freedom of thought, and right to freedom to opinion and expression, right to freedom of discrimination on basis of race, colour or gender. Right to education is also included in human rights. No human is born racist or unequal but is made. This makes education an important tool to help people understand the importance of human rights.
The threat of terrorism has made a more dangerous society where there is a rampant violation of human rights. Recent wars and violence in the world have made it pretty susceptible to the human rights violation. Human rights are based on basic principles that make society a more civilized place. It revolves around rights and equality between men and women and everything that humanity stands for. Human Rights Council keeps a look for human rights violations. The laws are designed to safeguard human rights and to enforce and empower it. Human rights are spoken in all religions. Governments must take domestic laws to protect their citizens and others. The importance of human rights is incomparable in this world. Human rights are fundamental to human growth and are essential. to make a better society, we need education of human rights. An important part of a civilized society thus making the concept of human rights has to be of universally applicable.

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