Zombies – A Myth or a Reality?

Have you watched the popular series – “The Walking Dead”? If you have watched it, you will definitely know what exactly I am talking about. If you do not know, I will just give a brief about it. It is a series about how survivors of zombie apocalypse are trying to escape and combat the threats from the zombies and how with time, human beings formed their own communities and groups and the rise of conflict between those communities. So basically this is a series about zombie apocalypse and how they are being termed as ‘walkers’ on earth.

So what exactly are these zombies? Do they exist for real or are they just a figment of imagination? From ages, zombies are being described as flesh eating corpse with a ravenous appetite, terrorizing on the grounds like a strong robot, looking to infest on flesh. Such creatures are almost dead and oozes every signs of inhumanity.

Are these new or have they always infested the earth? Well, history says that the stories of zombies first originated in Haiti culture, where the West African slaves were brought to work on Haiti’s sugar cane plantations. But they were treated so brutally, that their life or afterlife represents the zombie culture. Other says that the Ancient Greek Civilization was the first to experience this. In fact, many skeletons which were pinned down to ground using stones were unearthed, which kind of verifies their existence.

Who is prepared for a 'zombie apocalypse'? - BBC News
Zombie Apocalyse

But there do exists some true facts about the zombies and voodoo. Voodoo is practised as a religion in some cultures like Haiti where some people believe that zombies are people who are revived by a voodoo practitioner, Bokor. It is a concoction of herbs, bones, animal parts and especially ‘tetrodotoxin’ which is a deadly neurotoxin found in marine species, which if injected in high quantities can lead to paralysis and coma. It manifest zombie like qualities among the human beings. Thinking that infected person to be dead, they usually revive and thus rose the term ‘zombie’.

But is there even a bit of truth? Medical reports suggests so. One instance was that a person named Clairvius Narcisse, who was admitted to hospital due to acute respiratory problems in 1962, but later slipped into coma and being declared as dead, was buried later. 18 years later, a man goes to Angelina Narcisse and claims to be her brother. Upon verification by doctors, that he was buried alive, he was sent off to work in the sugar plantation.

Zombies might not exist as there have been no mention of these in Old Testament or New Testament but there have been mentions of resurrections of saints and sinners in Bible. So there is a very little evidence as to whether such zombies exists or if there is even a zombie apocalypse. Not only on religious books, since the eighteenth century, there have been various literatures of spirits and ghosts. Various movies were also made such as Night of the Living Dead and World War Z, just to name a few.

It is ultimately all about perception. Disasters have always caused such huge destruction and there is always this survival of the fittest psychology which goes among us. So it might be true that zombies do not exist, but then again who are we to judge history?