The dark side of Indian Marriages

Well, before i start this article, let me mention to you that this is just my point of view on the current situation.What comes to your mind when i say the word wedding or marriage?Let me tell you what comes to my mind when i hear this word ‘wedding’,firstly,it’s a celebration  especially the indian weddings, people literally wait for this moment probably their whole lives.Its a gathering of people who are present to wish the newly wedded couple.Well, this was just a jist of the positive aspects of the wedding little do we focus  on the dark side of the wedding .The major practice that few of them still follow is the taking of dowry.In india dowry was abolished according to the ‘Dowry Prohibition Act’ in the year 1961.Even after that we can still see people receiving dowry more like people demanding for dowry,loans are being taken just to give dowry to the groom’s family, not just that, in few places if the dowry fullfillment hasn’t been made the inlaws dont hesitate to torture the bride, which has led to suicides and even murder of the girls.Talking about ‘marriage’ i feel it is not the same as wedding because wedding is a celebration or a ceremony where two people are united for the social acceptance of the two whereas marriage is a lifelong wedlock between the two it involves loving each other ,compromising for one another,sacrifising etc.It takes many people for the success of a wedding but it just takes two of them to make a marriage successful.I would also like to mention the cruelty being shown by the people when it comes to the intercaste or inter religion marriages .Honestly,somewhere it is still not accepted as easily as the same caste or religion marriages.We still live in that stereotypic society where all humans are not considered one, there is discrimination against people based on their caste and religion.A few days ago i just read a news where a boy in punjab was tied to a tree and was thrashed mercilessly for daring to fall in love with a girl of different caste,shocking!I also read another news where the father killed his own daughter for falling in love with a man of a different caste.In the above mentioned cases all they did was to  dare to love the other.It is really heartbreaking to come across such scenarios, where the innocents are being punished like the criminals and the criminals who have been committing crimes like rape,murder,acid attacks etc are freed, and it takes 5 and more years for the people to decide if they are to be punished for example the ‘Nirbhaya’ case.I hope there is a change in  the mindsets of people in the society and hope for them to live in peace and harmony. Love is not a crime, it is our human right, to love the person we want to. 


This is for my internship as a law/legal content writer in the Hariyali NGO in collaboration with the Eduindexnews portal.

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