Sky watching can lead you to a magical place. Do you believe that?

How many of you as kids would look up to the sky and wonder where the stars came from?,or why do stars twinkle?, or why can we just see them in the night time?. Well I guess that makes all of us. The night sky along with its stars and planets, have always been magical and mysterious, in some ways. Do you remember the nursery rhyme ‘twinkle twinkle little star’?. It was not a topic for just older people, people of all age groups still watch and admire the night sky, and all the elements it carries. Sky watching at night, also somehow makes us forget our problems, and worries, how magically it  takes us to a different dimension, without any problems. Do you know that we can also see different planets at night from planet earth?. You don’t often need a telescope for that,with a little bit of knowledge about it, and a little bit of analysing skills, you can see them clearly. Stars are of different kinds, shapes, sizes and sometimes colour too. 

So, what is the colour of a star, and how are they different from planets?

To answer this question, let us first look at what a star is. Star is an astronomical object consisting of, luminous spheroid of plasma held together by its own gravity. Sun is also a star and the closest one to earth. Fusion of hydrogen into helium into its core makes the star shine. There are seven main types of stars O, B,A,F,G,K and M. Red, orange , yellow, green , white and blue are the colours of the stars. A dead star is called a white dwarf. The stars are different from the planets, as stars have a higher temperature, and they radiate energy, and are more brighter than the planets. Stars also twinkle unlike the planets, and stars also stay in the same position, but the planets do not. Sometimes, in order to observe certain stars and planets carefully, you require a telescope or a binocular. 

How to observe the sky?

To observe the sky , we first must have a general idea about the sky, it’s stars and planets as well, this will help us in having a better and an easy start. The next thing is, finding out a perfect location to sky gaze,as not all the places can show you, what the sky holds clearly. We also can make use of telescopes and binoculars for further clarity. Make sure you are comfortable, and then peacefully start it. Safety is very important , so try avoiding looking at the  sun, in the day-time, it can have serious after effects. The stars and the planets start moving from the eastern horizon, and set on the western horizon, just like the sun. Simply, naked-eye gazing can show you, wonders of the sky. The sky holds much more than we can ever imagine. So once you start observing it, there is no end to your learning.

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