Product Positioning And It’s Importance

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Product positioning, the concept of this market strategy is not as easy as it sounds. It is a strategy which helps the company keep ideal bond with their customers. As an outsider we might think it’s not even a big deal for the companies to keep good relations with their customers since they have so much money and they can spend it to keep their customers happy. But that’s not how it works. Companies struggle a lot to do so. Before that let me tell you what is product positioning. Product positioning is a strategy that is used by the companies to permanently position their product in the mind of their customers. It is a very essential strategy especially when a company introduces a new product.

Product positioning is not just about occupying the consumers mind but is rather to occupy the minds of the consumers as an ideal product so that they don’t prefer other competitor’s product. But the questions arises , why is that necessary to position a product and why can’t companies ignore product positioning ? well the most simple answer to this is that customers are always overloaded with information and always get confused between similar products and end up buying another competitor’s product. In order to avoid such confusions and situations companies focus on product positioning.

Also as i said earlier it takes a whole lot of planning to position a product since it’s not that easy to control the perception of the customers because in the world of marketing, it gets very difficult to create and erase an impression. If the strategy is implemented in a proper manner then the chances of changing the perception of the consumer towards the product increases. Yes product positioning is all about perception, impressions and feelings a customer has towards a product.

The strategy of positioning is always implemented during the 1st stage of product lifecycle which is the introduction phase of the product, and the product can be positioned on various grounds and factors such as quality, durability , pricing and many more. Also most of the time some companies like Patanjali try to position their products as a common man’s product where as some superior companies such as Apple position their products as a premium or a luxury products.

Positioning can be done by various means and the most common mean is advertisement. Majority of the companies agree that advertisement is the most favorable way to position their products in the mind of their target customers. A well planned advertisement makes it easy for the companies to position their product also apart from this there are several factors as well, which can be used to position the product such as good packaging, good pricing strategies, after purchase services and etc.

Thus that’s how product positioning works, looks easy but is way too complicated for the companies as they have to do proper analysis before trying out this strategy. Chances of failure and success depends upon the way the company decides to position their product, but they can not avoid it since that’s how they will be increasing the demand for their products.

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