Media Shoots, Police Shoots–Case Closed

After having staged the most dramatic arrest (indirectly a well sponsored surrender), Kanpur’s famous gangster Vikas Dubey was sure of escaping an encounter at the hands of Uttar Pradesh police using his political and administrative connections. Within 24 hours of being arrested by the Ujjain police and handover to Special Task Force team, Vikas Dubey lay dead on a hospital stretcher with overwhelmed reporters desperate to shoot his body with their cameras.

Among all this chaos the most unfortunate thing was the lack of element of surprise because almost everyone was convinced that Vikas Dubey would not reach Kanpur alive. Uttar Pradesh police had played it cards well and definitely did not care an inch about the questions that media and public would raise. Stopping media vehicles just minutes before the accident, a herd of buffaloes causing just one vehicle to crash although it was a caravan and our antagonist escaping pretty easily from a turned over vehicle along with a police pistol makes up for a perfect Rohit shetty style script and a tangy media debate. But raising questions on this scandalous encounter is not something this piece of writing intends to do.

This article tries to throw light on the public sentiments and reactions over extrajudicial killings. A major section of the society including journalists, politicians, former administrators and the public seemed to have been glorifying the practice of encountering criminals by the police as a righteous act of imparting speedy justice. Who can forget the splendid sight of the brave and courageous policemen of Hyderabad being showered with rose petals as they marched along the city’s roads after having encountered the rapists of a 26-year-old veterinary doctor whose charred body was found on the outskirts of Hyderabad just 7 days ago.

The heinousness of that case immediately brought back the memories of 16 December, 2013 when another daughter of India was brutually raped in the country’s capital. Nirbhaya succumbed to her injuries but her parents’ extraordinary 8 year long battle finally payed off when the accused men were hanged in Tihar jail on 20 March, 2020. The society that day was not only brightened by the sun but also by the inspiring struggle of Nirbhaya’s parents who made brought their daughter’s tormentors to justice not by a police encounter but by a court of law.

The justice brought down by pistols and guns lasts for a few days but when justice is imparted by the ink of pen , even without any noise that struggle remains till the end of time.

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