Bhubaneswar An Ideal City

Bhubaneswar the capital and largest city of the state Odisha often known as the temple city of India was formally established in 1948. The city of Bhubaneswar has numbers of temple with amazing architecture which might make you stand and admire it’s beauty. But unfortunately not many are aware of this beautiful city, even though it is a capital of a state. Some identify Bhubaneswar as a capital of one of the poorest state where as some don’t even know that a city of this name even exists. But trust me this city is more than what you think and is well developed like any other mega city.

Not many know that Bhubaneswar which got it’s name form Tribhubaneswara ( lord of three worlds) was designed by a German architect and was considered as one the modern and India’s first well planned city but unlike other mega cities this city lacked recognition. Before analyzing the topic i wanted the readers to have an idea about the city and how ideal it can be.

Bhubaneswar with a population of around 8 lac provides a lot of opportunities for people with creative business ideas. A city which is also know as the start up hub has become a great choice for people to start their venture. For somebody who does not want to start a business in a metro city, Bhubaneswar a tier-II city of India is developing fast and is offering great opportunities for them to grow their business.This city was ranked as the best place to do business in India by the world bank in 2014. Also known as the IT hub, bhubaneswar has got some major IT companies such as TCS , INFOSYS, WIPRO and many more which makes this city favourable for young professionals who wants to enjoy their job in a not so expensive city, yes you heard me right bhubaneswar is not at all expensive and is quite affordable .

did you know that this city is also an educational hub, infact has some elite institutions such as IIT , NISER, AIIMS and NIFT. This city provides a variety of options and scope to students and is also known for it’s quality education. Some people might be surprised to know that Bhubaneswar has a literacy rate of 93.15 % which is significantly higher than the national average literacy rate 74.04 %.

In 2017 The times of India listed bhubaneswar in the top 10 city list, i am pretty sure it will soon make it to top of the list. This beautiful city has come a long way from being called as a temple city to a smart city, no doubt this city will become more advanced in the near future.

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