Unprecedented Times: Best Times for Students Learning


When the world has faced such an adverse condition, the change was needed and change has been brought upon with utmost carefulness. Yes, I’m talking about the change in the education system brought about by this pandemic situation, not only in India but around the world. Online classes and education have taken over from the regular classes. Students are now studying from their own homes with their parents and family with them. Many students went back to their homes when schools and colleges were closed by this pandemic, and now are studying through online platforms. Well, the new dimension is not only new for students, but also for various educational institutes as well as teachers. With digital platforms taking over, the main question arises is the fact that are students ready for online classes or is it still early to call.

Well, I feel the students should now be first trained thoroughly about how to best use the online platforms for thoroughly studying and making sure that while sitting at home their education doesn’t take a toll. So, how can they be trained properly. First of all, students should be told about how much screen time is beneficial and how much screen time is harmful for them. Secondly, the educational institutes should make sure that they train students wisely so that the students are comfortable with the platforms being used for providing education. One more thing which the students could do is the use of online courses which could help them enhance their skills in this time of pandemic.

But all said and done, the most important thing is the effective use of time. Students shouldn’t be forced by educational institutes to use laptops and devices all the day. Students should indulge in physical activities so that their health isn’t affected at all. The students should make use of this time to enhance both their physical as well as educational skills. Students at home should also follow a time table which will have a great impact on the well being of the students. Students should develop a habit of being able to adapt to various conditions. Learning is appreciated every time, but education shouldn’t be mixed with creating panic among students. Educational institutes make sure that panic doesn’t stricken students, because for them also this is a rare situation which everyone needs to handle with full carefulness.

In the end, I want to say that, yes these are unprecedented times but these are times where children are with their families, in their homes. This is the best way I feel children can develop skills with enjoyment. Having fun time with family, and with that having education is the best way to learn. This will enhance their learning as well as the family time will mean they are in a great mod always as nothing comes better than studying in an environment which is very useful for their overall development. This is what means the overall development of a student. In this time, this is the best environment to learn for the students.  

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