Men sorrows

When we talk about the concept of “Gender Inequality” – It clearly states that sometimes men and women are not considered as equal. These inequalities has been passed on from ages and is still very much prevalent. According to the norms of society, There is a vast dissimilarity of how the men or women shall be treated. Either of the Gender gets harassed in one way or the other. Many people certainly don’t understand the definition well and they probably get the idea of Gender Inequality wrong i.e., only the harassments towards women are unjust. This is true that the women face a lot of discriminations on a daily basis across the country. They get abused in their homes then gets insulted in their workplace. This is way too shameful and is a criminal offence in the eyes of Law. Several regulations has been created to ensure the protection of females. But can we say such similar kinds of principles has been made for the Male communities as well? We don’t get to hear a lot about the pressure that has been burdened on Men from the very childhood. They also go through a lot of trauma, they too feel low or disgraced often. Why do men have to maintain an image of being “strong”? Why are they overloaded with so much of responsibilities and is meant to fulfil all of it silently. Why don’t they cry and vent out their sorrows.? Men tend to bottle up their emotions right from their adolescence and that is considered as a “Manly” trait. Society has decided that a Man shall remain silent and aren’t allowed to cry. A boy when gets hurt while playing, the mother hushed him up and said that injuries are obvious for the boys. Such is not the case with her attitude towards the Girl child , they can express their thoughts easily with their mothers. The struggle of a man while growing up remains unnoticed for generations and they won’t get to admit anything to their family. They just have to serve the family according to their whims and fancies. Women are expected to be emotional beings while a Man has to be the “Guardian of the Family”. They have to be successful in life and hence to work day and night for providing a better life to their parents, also to their wife or children. We rarely talk about the sacrifices our father makes for our livelihood. Maybe the “MAN” in our homes never expects recognition, he just goes on working selflessly. A child grows up in such a way that he keeps demanding everything from the father. If a Man cries it is considered to be “Womanly”. A man might not tell you but secretly he needs praises and guidance for his excellent work. Why does a man gets up every time to let a woman or a child sit in seat of a bus even if he is completely exhausted? What about our gratitude towards the Father or his never ending “fatherly love”?

‘Men only likes to count his troubles, he doesn’t calculate his happiness.’ – Fyodor Dostoevsky. In India the suicide ratio of a Man is much higher than that of a Woman, amongst all age groups. Why do the men have to take such a drastic step like suicide? As of 2015, almost two thirds of worldwide suicides (representing about 1.5 per cent of all deaths) are committed by men. This statistics clearly revels that man battles with a lot of depressions more likely, and talking about mental health this is much evident that the Male member in our family seeks support and guidance too. This is a serious issue, Just don’t ignore their problems, this will in turn make them more arrogant. This is the sole reason why the Men become more violent and frustrated, because their voice remains unheard most of the times. They feel hurt and betrayed because they have seen female counterparts receives much more care and concern, even for negligible reasons. Everyone is not greedy or needy, some can be a “Gentleman” too. It is wrongful to shame the whole Men community this way. What about the domestic violence that is happening to Men? Don’t we come across such cases almost everyday? When a man gets tortured or beaten in his own home, does he receives the same remedy a woman receives? Do Courts pay attention in hearing his part as well? Society plays a huge role indeed. There are a lot of cases in which the Husband’s family has been tormented repetitively by the wife and still he was unable to do anything about it? Many a times, there have been false accusations made against a man for any selfish purpose, or just to defame him. Even before the judgement, the man receives criticism and death threats all over the social media. He already becomes a culprit for the society, though nothing has been proved. This demolishes his entire carrier or forces him take away his own life.

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