Impact Of Covid-19: From a legal perspective

Covid-19 is a pandemic which has spread its wings all over the world. It is a crisis which is very unique can be termed as a health crisis, and it is an all around crisis, affecting the society in all possible ways. It is causing ruckus and chaos all around, there have been disturbances which have been arising socially, economically, politically, legally , and in almost everything which has to do with the welfare of the globe, it is also disrupting international ties between various countries. Law now does play an important role to fight against the pandemic, only of all the rules and regulations regarding lockdown are codified, people will follow it and then there will be relaxation in the situation. Hence, law does play an important role. Further we will be looking into the  impact of Covid-19 from a legal perspective, and will be discussing some solutions regarding the situation.

The major questions arising which need legal solutions are regarding work from home policies, the policies for how competitive exams and cultural events should be conducted, guidelines for conducting online classes and sessions in private and government educational institutions. Due to rise in use of internet and social media making sure that the cyber laws are stringent and there is a good functioning of the police and legislature regarding the cyber crimes. As we have noticed that during the lockdown there were many issues in employments , they have to be taken care of, by proper implementation of laws for the benefit and welfare of the people, like keeping a margin for firing people, or by making laws that no one could be removed during such a difficult time by including the pandemic under a Vis major (Act of God) clause in the contract of employment, however this is a highly debatable topic. There also has to be policies regarding the procedure on how notifications and orders have to be passed by the central and states governments regarding steps to be taken to relax the situation. If look from the societal aspect we can see many marginalised families and migrant workers suffering due to the situation, and the rates for essential goods and services are also increasing irrespective of the present scenario.

Keeping in mind the above problems which are being faced legally and socially we can establish a link between law and society and how law can be an instrument for social change. Law is nothing but a set of rules and regulation which give particular standards within which we human beings should base our actions, it tells us how e should behave and if we rae not behaving in a particular way what are the consequences that are going to be faced by us. Law can bring social change with effective and efficient legislation and implementation, so the solution to the above problem is to draft laws after thorough discussions and make them in a way most suitable to the present scenario, in this way the problems arising legally which in turn also provide solutions socially can lead to the welfare of the nation. Therefore, proper policies can be framed for the above problems with good implementation and follow up action. 

Published by Teju Aleti

I am a law student at Christ (deemed to be) University lavasa, and I love to write, as I feel it is the only way I can express my vaulable opinions and thoughts. I generally like to write in the law genre.

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