In today’s world everyone has smartphones, laptops, computer and other electronic devices…we know how to use it….but do we know that how to use them in an eco-friendly manner?? ….No…. we just buy the device from market and keep using it and if it becomes useless after some time then we just throw it in dustbin, here are so many devices like this such as charger,battery,cell etc…..we don’t know that how to exactly dispose them….these devices are not good to be mixed in soil, as these devices pollute the soil by releasing harmful toxins in it….

So there is a technique by which one can sort out this problem…and the name of this technique is GREEN COMPUTING..

Green computing is the environmentally responsible and Eco-friendly use of computers and their resources.
In broader terms, it is also defined as the study of designing, manufacturing/engineering, using and disposing of computing devices in a way that reduces their environmental impact.

Apple is taking the pioneer and the leader to green computing. The New Mac mini is a good start. The Apple Mac Book Pro is the best example of product of green IT.

It eliminated many harmful toxins. For example, the mercury used in CCFL back lights and the arsenic contained in the glass of traditional LCD displays. Apple has removed these toxins from all new Mac Book Pro notebooks, and they’ve done the same for the new Mac Book Air, i Mac, Mac Pro, and Mac mini; Apple LED Cinema Display; and iPod touch, iPod classic, iPod nano, iPod shuffle, and iPhone.

It is highly recyclable. The material of the product is formed from recyclable glass, recyclable aluminum and so on. The raw materials used in new Mac Book are very desirable by recycler and it can be reused in other products.

One should make a habit of the following activities to achieve green computing…

Green use: Using computers and other information systems in an environmentally sound manner such as reduce the energy consumption.

Green disposal: When dealing unwanted computers or electronic equipment, recycle them properly. Old computers are also encouraged to be reuse or refurbished.

Green design: Designing energy-efficient and environmentally sound components, computers, servers, cooling equipment, and data centers

Green manufacturing: Manufacturing electronic components, computers, and other associated subsystems with minimal impact on the environment.

• Reduces the amount of pollutants in surroundings.
• It reduces the amount of heat produce from the electronic devices.
• It encourages the use of renewable resources.
• It promotes effective utilization of natural resources. It reduces the risk existing in PCs due to chemicals that cause nerve damage in humans.
• Reduces environmental impact (less GHG emissions, less e-waste, fewer virgin resources needed for manufacturing new devices).

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