Rural Health

Health is a state of wellness of the body, mind and soul. Health is an important component for ensuring better quality of life. Someone truly said that “Health is Wealth”. By this we can say that who is healthy he is wealthy and prosperous. Health is most important than the pile of gems. In this modern era we have invented many medicine and medical equipment to cure diseases but in rural areas there are lots of health related issues. By the way, India is a vast country. The Larger part of Indian resides in rural areas i.e approx 716 million people more than 60%. Larger population of the India is poor continue to fight constantly battle for survival and health.

In rural areas, there is widespread hunger, high levels of morbidity, and a vast unmet need for curative health care.The rural populations, who are the prime victims of the policies, work in the most hazardous atmosphere and live in abysmal living conditions. Unsafe and unhygienic birth practices, unclean water, poor nutrition, sub-human habitats, and degraded and unsanitary environment are challenges to the public health system. The majority of the rural population are small holders, artisans and labourers, with limited resources that they spend chiefly on food and necessities such as clothing and shelter. They have no money left to spend on health.


Lack of proper Infrastructure

Unavailablity of adequate numbers of Doctors and health workers.

Even most of the Indian villages haven’t facility of potable water.

Most of the villagers still using traditional method like burner, chulhas, oil lamps,wood fire etc by these many women got suffer by Breathing problems, Bronchitis, Tuberculosis etc.

In rural areas there is lack of information and due to low literacy skills of people believe on customary treatment. Other religious beliefs or other superstitious method to cure diseases.

Now our government is trying continuously to improve quality of rural health.Now, the govt is also working on many cpaigns for family planning,Maternal health, Birth control, cleanliness (swachh Bharat Abhiyan )etc and projects like Jan Ausdhi pariyojana for cheap and certified medicine, Ayushman Bharat PM-JAY for free medical checkup up to 5 lakhs. But it should imply health policies strictly and start drive against corruption involved. It should also revise the health policies and promote long term projects to overcome any emergency or any pandemic like COVID-19 easily.


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