Animal Cruelty: Efforts taken by India to prevent it

Animal Cruelty is when animals are abused, when non humans inflict any sort of pain on animals either by killing them or physically abusing them. Some religions in India even encourage that, however there have been efforts put by the government to do away with animal cruelty by punishimg the ones who have committed it. Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960 has been implemented with the objectives to prevent the infliction of unnecessary pain on animals. The term animal has been defined under the act as any other living creature which is not a human being. However, the irony here is cruelty is nowhere defined the act. Animal welfare board has been established by the central government under this act, for the purpose of fulfilling the objectives stated under the act mainly revolve around animal welfare.

The functions of the members of the board have been clearly specified to frame rules and regulations regarding animal welfare. The other functions have been discussed as follows:

  • They were also made responsible to protect animals during transportation, they made certain rules regarding the design of a transport vehicle to reduce the deaths of animals caused during transportation.
  • They had to take measures to protect animals by giving their owners financial assistance, providing rescue homes and shelter to all.
  • Proper veterinary assistance had to be ensured which also included proper medical attention in animal hospitals.
  • Awareness has to provided through various campaigns and programmes to make sure everyone is aware of the law that exists and they can put an end to animal cruelty.
  • The board should advice the government in matters related to animal protection and safety.
  • It also has a duty to realise various animal welfare organisations, and provide them varoius benefits.

There also another legislation and even the constitution itself which contains provisions to prevent animal cruelty and to promote animal protection. Animal cruelty is a cognizable offence under section 428 and 429 of the Indian Penal Code, 1860. Article 48A and article 51A(g) of the constitution have also promoted animal welfare, it has been stated that the state is responsible to take care of the livelihood of all animals it is even a fundamental duty of all citizens to protect animals. Other legislations dealing with animal protection are Prevention of cruelty to Animals, (Slaughterhouse) Rules, 2001, and Wildlife Protection Act, 1972, which consider slaughtering of animal as illegal.

We can sum up the above information and come to a conclusion that The Prevention Of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960 prohibits any person to lay their finger on an animal with bad intentions. The Act also makes to crime to kick or beat animals, it is also illegal to use unfit animals for work purposes, it is also a crime to engage animals in various competitions which may arouse them to fight, and after it causes them pain (specifically many religious competitions). It is also illegal to engage in animal in various competitions where they fall prey to like shooting competitions, where the person has to shoot the animal. Surprisingly it is considered as an offense if the owner is unable to take care of the animal, i.e, nor provide proper shelter or food, abandons them, etc. It gives all around safety to animals, however a question may arise that isn’t the law outdated, and further amendments have to be made considering the present situation, and the answer is yes. The law implemented is considered to be outdated, it has never been amended from 1960, which also means that the punishments and penalties remain the same, which may not be right in the present day. We may hope for further amendments in the particular act in the future.

Hence, it has been proved that efforts were taken and will be taken in the matter of animal cruelty. It is necessary to have a good relationship between the man and nature which consists animals, that’s when there will balance between the human beings and non human beings. Stopping animal cruelty not only saves animals but also reduced the global warming and pollution situations which are prevailing in the present day, if animals exist there will be balance in the nature, as everything is interrelated. Therefore, animals should be given the same importance as of animals.

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