Dark pages of Lockdown

Due COVID-19 pandemic, in India lockdown was announced on 24th March 2020 by honourable PM. It lastly ended on 31st May. A lockdown is an emergency rule/protocol that prevents people from leaving a particular area. A full lockdown will mean you must stay where you are and not exit or enter a building or that particular area. But it allows for essential supplies, grocery stores, pharmacies and banks to continue to serve the people. All non-essential activities remain shut for the entire period like travel ban, shutting of public places etc.

This lockdown was for decrease the rate of spreading of COVID-19. It also impacted positively on environment i.e cleaner river, greener environment, improvement in Air Quality Index. It also increased in use of technology in education, work and governance.

But it has also impacted people badly. Due to lockdown generally people faced problems which are mentioned below:

Joblessness: many daily wage workers/migrant workers lost their job. Most of the poor still struggling to survive i.e have not food or essential need. Farmers also faced problems of sale of their crops,vegetables etc.

Uncertainty about their salaries: Private employee facing this problem either they will paid or not.

After forced Isolation many peole faced high level of Stress, frustration, anxiety and other mental health problems.

There is also rise in Domestic violence. It involves a pattern of psychological, physical, sexual, financial, emotional abuse.

These problems must be tackle properly and government should launch initiative to overcome the joblessness and improve educational method of learning.


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