Modi calls for reformed multilateralism at UN

While high speaking a dialogue in UN’s Economic and social council (ECOSOC) has called for reformed multilaterlism . During this address the prime minister has spoken about India’s efforts against the Covid -19 pandemic and he has highlighted how the multilaterlism institutions such as the UN are outdated and he has reminded the world that this multilateral institutions are the relic of the world war era.In this context the prime minister has given a call for reforming Multilaterlism by providing opportunities for emerging powers such as India and he has made case for a permanent seat at the UN security council . This push for reformed multilaterlism given by the prime minister is inline with India’s long standing complain that united nations and other multilateral platforms they do not reflect the current geo-political realities and they are outdated institutions that date back to the world war era .

ECOSOC was established in 1945 as one of the six main organs of the United Nations.This council deals with the social and economic initiatives of the UN council and is said to the very heart of the UN council as it is promoting all the three dimensions of the sustainable developments -economic development ,social developments and environmental developments.It formulates the policies recommendation address to achieve internationally agreed goals and works with various other multilateral institutions such the World bank ,IMF etc.It acts as a platform for fostering debate and innovative thinking and it tries to built the consensus on the ways forward,and coordinating efforts to achieve internationally agreed goals under the sustainable development goals of the UN.The council is made of 54 member states, which are elected yearly by the UNGCA assembly for overlapping three year terms.seats on the council are allocated ensuring equitable geographic rotation among the united Nation regional groups. The President of the council is elected for one year term and the convention is that it is always chosen from the small or mid sized countries in order to give the greater voice for the smaller power when it comes to addressing the socio -economic challenges of the world.The presidency rotates among the United Nations regional groups in order to ensure equal representaions.

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