Here or There: Opportunities are Everywhere


Opportunities are everywhere, everytime and every moment, the thing is one just doesn’t need to identify them, but needs to grab them as quickly as possible before someone else does. That’s what the big billionaires of the world have done, not only before but in this deadly pandemic as well. When businesses all around the world have shutdown, many have filed in for bankruptcy, many have lost their jobs, but these people have used their mind or we can say the business mind so well that they made this moment of a deadly pandemic turn into a fruitful period of wealth and power.

The billionaires I’m talking about are Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, etc. They were the ones who’ve gained the most during these unprecedented times. Be it the historic space mission launched by Elon’s SpaceX company or the ever dominating Amazon company of Jeff Bezos, the richest man on the planet right now. Its not that they did it overnight. The hardwork and time they’ve put in to make their dreams realise is absolutely amazing. What this article would focus on is the full use of opportunities in life and that nothing in life can put you down on your knees forever if you have the right determination and passion. If not, this cruel world will keep you at your knees forever.

These were unprecedented times, hard times, losses would hit everyone, nobody’s business would survive, but people with determination and plan ‘B’ and ‘C’ did what they know best, never give up and take opportunities lashing at you with both hands. How about I telling you that Jeff Bezos’s wealth increased by a whooping $56.7 billion in the year 2020. Didn’t pandemic hit Amazon Company? It did, but he never was jaded away by it. The opportunity was that people wouldn’t venture out in these times with coronavirus taking its toll, so how would they buy things, be it grocery or other essential items. That’s when, people started using the benefits of online shopping. But, what about the delivery boys delivering those parcels, they could infect the customers unintentionally, of course. For that, came the concept of no touch delivery. Talking about opportunities, the amazon founder, didn’t just stop there over the past few years. He knew that to earn success in this dynamic world, changing within even seconds, you need to be a little bit diverse. He saw the opportunity in the online streaming industry, had very fierce competitors in the business, be it Hotstar or Netflix, but he was determined and brought in a new platform for online streaming, Amazon Prime Videos, and the gamble paid off. This is what I’m trying to say, the use of opportunity available in the whole market arena.

How about the opportunity seized by the Tesla CEO, Elon Musk. Knew the resources are getting depleted, knew that electronic cars will be the new normal in the future, invested in the project, formed Tesla and is earning in billions. How many of us knew about this resource depleting problem, I suppose almost all of us, but did we think like he did? No, we didn’t and that’s what is called opportunity missed. That’s what he didn’t do and that’s what I’m trying to say through my article. Why did he form SpaceX? He saw the opportunity in the field of astronomy and found out that it was one of his dreams, he pursued it, rather than just wasting the opportunity.

I want the young generation to understand that there is no time, when opportunities aren’t there. Opportunities are there, anytime, anywhere, but you need to grab it. Yes, I won’t say you will succeed everytime. You won’t. Failure will accompany you more than success does. But if you continue to be determined, be true to yourself and your goals, you would definitely achieve success. And for achieving those goals, the opportunity must be seized and taken.  

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