Section 193 in The Railways Act, 1989

Section 193 in the railway act 1989 is about notices served by the statuary authority to any person by the railway administration. The railway act was last amended by Shri D.V. Sadananda Gowda, Minister of Railways in 2014[1]. The railway act 1989 helps keep the system of the railway industry intact and disciplined. The following rules laid by the legislation are to keep our countries railway line working efficiently and effectively. The above mentioned section is a very important section as it lays down the procedure of notifying railway related information to an individual.

Administration of notice, and so on., by railway organization. — Unless in any case gave in this Act or the principles encircled thereunder, any notification or other report required or approved by this Act to be served on any individual by a railway organization might be served by conveying it to the individual, by leaving it at the standard or last known spot of home of the individual, by enlisted present tended to on the individual at his typical or last known spot of dwelling place.[2]


[2] The Railway act, 1989

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